Favorite Food and Health Books

We’re always reading books – from the library because we love the library – and this year, we had a food and health theme going on.
Food and Health books Go Gingham

We made a list of our top food and health related books with a little review – in case you need a gift idea for a foodie or health nut on your gift list. Or, you just want a new book for yourself! Don’t tell but I usually give myself a gift. Wrapped and from Santa, I always act surprised!

Plus, who doesn’t love to cozy up with a good book? And, they’re easy to wrap in gift paper – all squared off corners and rectangular. (Here’s my favorite wrapping material – old maps!)

By the way, these aren’t ranked based on preference. These are ranked based on a conversation I had with my husband – and our memories! Yes, we both keep a book journal of books we’ve read so that we can actually remember the books we’ve read. This is a combined review from our book journals.

Favorite Food and Health Books

1.  “Cooked” by Michael Pollan :: A good book with a brief history on the four types of food transformation – fire, water, air, and earth. We both like how he communicates with the reader what and how he has learned but he waxes a little too poetic sometimes. We’ve got his barbeque pork roast and bread recipe dog eared so that we can try it.

2.  “An Everlasting Meal” by Tamar Adler :: Great, simple book that espouses cooking at home and eating well. By using what you have and not getting rid of the leftovers – or what is left in a jar. The title refers to the fact that most good meals come from the remains of the meals that were cooked before them. Leftover vegetables, broth from bones, and pickle juice – all eaten and then used again. The subtitle ‘Cooking with Economy and Grace’ reminds us that it doesn’t have to be expensive to eat really well by using all of what you buy and cook.

3.  “Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child” by Bob Spitz :: A good, unabashedly pro-Julia biography that seeks to show how she developed the personality she was by explaining and describing her background. Her upbringing, early career, and travels set the scene for the Julia we knew on TV. The amount of effort Julia put into looking and seeming effortless is amazing.

4.  “Drop Dead Healthy” by A.J. Jacobs :: By the author of “The Year of Living Biblically” this good book follows a similar format. Jacobs embarks on a multi-year quest to make all parts of his body healthy. He tries out both health fad and science and gives his take on the current research and how his experiments made him feel.

5. “The Story of the Human Body” by Daniel Lieberman :: In this popular science book, Lieberman gives an interesting account of how the human body has evolved over millions of years. He describes how modern world advances are impacting our bodies and causing chronic diseases.

Whether they’re new or old and cherished, books can fit any budget. They’re also easy to share after you’ve read them.

What’s your favorite book you’ve read this year? Were you like us and on a reading ‘theme’ at all?

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10 thoughts on “Favorite Food and Health Books

  1. Former librarian, here, now pursuing a Ph.D. in Library & Information Science, so I appreciate your kind words about the library! If I had time to read more fiction, I would read some of the classics I’ve missed somehow, and I love Southern Fiction. I’m getting ready to start Winter Break, and I’m going to read Sarah Waters’ book, Paying Guests. Other than that, all I read is theory, but I do want to read a couple of the books you recommended! Thanks, Sara!


    1. Hi Vanessa,
      My you are a busy gal! 🙂 Well, I wish you all the luck with your education. That’s a lot of work – how you have time to read for pleasure and start a blog – Whew! Way to go…


  2. Librarian #2 chiming in! We listened to Drop Dead Healthy (narrated by the author) and liked it. Great for conversation. Also nice that his books can be read in chunks.


    1. Who knew there were so many librarians who read Go Gingham? I love it!
      Listening is a great way to go – but I need a car trip to do it! Maybe once my scamper is done….
      thanks, EFB!


  3. Librarian #3 – While most of what I read is young adult lit. from my school library (gotta keep up with what the students are reading) I enjoy reading cooking memoirs. My mother and I buy books for each other and read them before giving them as gifts. You have to be careful not to spill anything on the book!


    1. The librarians! I love it!!
      You probably know there’s a new show coming out on TNT (maybe that’s correct) called “The Librarians” and I can’t wait to watch it – after I reserve the DVD from my library. 😉
      It’s funny that you read the book, first. Our kids used to do that when I’d give books to cousins. I remember telling them not to crack the spine!
      Oh, book lovers are a funny bunch, aren’t we?
      Thanks, Meg!


  4. Am I allowed to play, even if I’m not a librarian? My college roommate is, so maybe that counts. 🙂

    I don’t buy a present for myself, but sometimes I’ll buy something and wrap it and tell my hubby it’s his gift to me.

    Books are always fun and since I love to watch Julia Child re-runs, that would be a great one.


    1. Kris, I know – all the librarians! Who knew?!
      Husbands can use a little help, can’t they? 😉
      You and me both on the Julia re-runs…if you like those, you’ll really enjoy the book.
      Happy reading ~


  5. I love Drop Dead Healthy! Such a great read.

    If you liked the book on Julia, try her autobiography: “My Life in France”-it’s wonderful! My favorite book of this year was probably “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes.


    1. Hi Bev!
      Great additions to the list. Thanks for chiming in – I’m loving anything Julia but I’m hoping to read her book about France while I’m in France on a home exchange! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing…


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