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Home Organization Project 50

Gift wrap supplies Go Gingham

We’ve waited until the gift giving time of year for this week’s home organization project and to straighten out all of our gift wrapping stuff. It’s not just the Christmas season that we’re wrapping gifts for – in our house, it’s the birthday season, too. From mid-November to mid-January, everyone in our family has a birthday. Except me. Mine is neatly scheduled in May so that way the entire month is all about me. Well, not entirely about me, but mostly.

Our gift wrap stuff doesn’t have its own room like it should. I used to think it might co-exist in my sewing area but that’s impossible. Where would all the fabric go? Maybe when my kids go off to college I’ll turn one of their bedrooms into a craft room or gift wrap room. I think I’ll tell them I’m going to do that – it helps to keep teenagers on their toes.

All of our gift wrapping supplies are in a big plastic container that we bought at Hechinger’s back in the early 1990s, when we lived in Washington, D.C. (Is Hechinger’s still in business?) When we were first married and owned an 1890-row house on Capitol Hill, Hechinger’s was our closest DIY store. The tag is still on the container and today I pointed it out to Brad. He worked at Hechinger’s in Silver Spring, Maryland for his very first job. OK, enough with memory lane…

Gift wrap container Go Gingham

Please: Do not ever let me buy gift tags at an estate sale or garage sale again, ever – or any other sale for goodness sake! No maps either. Oh, and while we’re at it, no gift wrap. Even though I love how gifts look wrapped in craft paper, I don’t need another roll of that either. Clearly, I like these items and while they’re readily available second-hand, I have to use what I have, first.

Gift wrap mess Go Gingham

I used an old folder to stash all of the little scraps of paper that can be used for something – who knows maybe we’ll use them if we ever come up with an idea for this year’s Christmas card. Actually, I better just say “New Year’s Day” card. Even though we’ve sent Christmas cards out very late, this year we’re even further behind. (Read about our ‘Better Late Than Never Holiday Cards’ here.)

Scrap paper and tags Go Gingham

This week’s home organization project was easy and done in 30 minutes. For once, I vacuumed up after the project. Every little bit of stuff shows up on our office rug. (Did you read about our office? It was a “Zero Budget DIY Project.”)

Almost done Go Gingham

Even though I’m looking forward to this weekly madness to be done – true, I am – we have really gotten a lot cleaned, organized, and sorted through. There’s no way I would have done this every week, on my own, and for that I’m truly glad to be sharing these and have the accountability that comes with saying I’m going to do something consistently and then doing it. For those of you who are wondering, I’m thinking about a ‘monthly home organization project’ because there’s still more to do!

What does your gift wrapping stash look like? Do you have a designated space or just a container?

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10 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 50

  1. And I thought May was all about ME! My b-day is the 5th–wouldn’t it be funny if we shared days? 🙂

    Some of my wrapping stuff is in the basement, some in my bedroom. Not exactly organized, I fear … I absolutely HATE wrapping gifts.


    1. Let’s share May, shall we? 🙂 No…my b-day isn’t the same as yours but close. That would have been too funny if it was the same day! Birthday, Mother’s day and wedding anniversary are all in May – that’s why it’s my month – but I’m happy to share!
      Happy holidays to you and your family ~
      Thank you for all of your comments and reading. I appreciate it!


    1. Thanks, Lili! While I’d like to take credit, I can not. It’s all just luck – and how it all worked out. But, I’m not complaining a bit! I do feel a little cheated when my birthday falls on Mother’s day….I like the fun and all about me stuff spread out. 😉
      Thanks for writing in and all the best in 2015 ~


      1. My brother’s birthday is May 11th. Many years his birthday falls on Mother’s Day, which meant as a child, he shared the day with our mom. And now that he’s married, he’ll wind up sharing the day with his wife.


  2. Sara, I have enjoyed reading and being inspired by your organization projects(except maybe the rats in the garage!) When I went to get out my Christmas decoration boxes, I found I had neatly labeled a box of Christmas gift bags and decorated boxes ready to re-use. Have you ever had a surprise find in your year of re-organizing?


    1. Kelly, I’m with you on the rats in the garage! I could have done without those, too!
      Yes, I have been surprised by things I’ve organized and then forgotten about. I generally do this and then get a big surprise – because I forget everything so easily! It’s when I’ve organized something and can’t find it and think, well, I’ve organized too well! Yes, that happens, too. 🙂
      Thanks, Kelly! Have a wonderful Christmas!!


  3. Sarah,

    Have loved following your weekly organization project this year. I’m hoping to do something similar in 2015, although I’m not great at following through on painful tasks for the long haul.

    Thanks for blogging. You’re a real inspiration. Merry Christmas:)


    1. Carrie, thank you for reading! Find a friend to do the project with – it’s always better with a friend or partner. That way, someone else will keep you on track and accountable. Plus, it’s fun, too! What’s really helped me get this done, is sharing about it. It hasn’t been my favorite weekly project thing to share about (honestly) I think because I like photos of our home to be neat and pretty (and this project has been anything but!) but is has been real. There’s still more to do but a break will be nice. 🙂
      Thanks so much, Carrie! Merry Christmas to you, too.


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