Why Frugal Living Matters

Frugal Living Go Gingham

It’s tough trying to help people see the value in frugal living. People mostly think of it as deprivation. Or that there’s sacrifice involved. We’re all trying to improve our station in life and yet it seems contradictory to save. Won’t life be better if we’ve spent more?

Trying to live more frugally is not the same as being cheap. It’s choosing a way of life and it’s smart. It’s not just looking at the price of something, but what the value of it is. It’s looking at the cost of an item and calculating if the value is worth paying for it – today – and not having that money, which will be worth more in the future.

Why frugal living matters

Frugal living matters because it equates to less. Less spending, more saving – and our environment could use less – rather than buying more and spending more. Our consumer driven culture isn’t sustainable for the earth or our wallets.

Living frugally isn’t always easy and it takes self-discipline. It’s always easier to buy something new, receive immediate gratification, and pay for it later. It takes self-discipline to be patient, to wait, to fix or mend, to think about our purchases, to buy second-hand, and save for a future goal. Those challenges are part of what can make frugal living richer. I think it also makes frugal living fun – you have to be more creative!

Most importantly, frugal living is about choices. Living frugally allows you to live richly in ways that you choose. It’s not depriving or sacrificing – it’s planning. It’s a plan that you’ve put in place to live your life the way you want.Frugal Living Go Gingham

You can save more now to have choices later. You can chart your own path. This is the beauty of frugal living: choices.

What do you think? Did I miss something? What are your thoughts on frugal living?

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10 thoughts on “Why Frugal Living Matters

  1. I have a rule that I only buy clothes twice a year, if needed. I keep a list, and when the major sales are on for the stores I like, I will buy a few things to replace what has been worn into the rag bag.


    1. Very smart, Karen! When do you do your shopping? As in, what time of year?
      I had to replace our sheets recently – after I had mended them. Eventually a mended item needs replacing but at least we got a little more wear and use out of them.


  2. I love the line “frugal living is about choices.” Yes! For me, it has meant having to think long and hard about what I REALLY want (the fancier home in the upscale area while working full-time, or the modest home in the less-fancy area while working in a resource position which allows me more time at home with my family). Of course I wanted it all on a resource salary, but if I want to save for the future and avoid debt, then I have to make a … choice. While there have been moments when I have wished I had made a different choice, I know that what I have done has been the right thing for me and my family. Everyone is different and I don’t mean this to be a criticism of another’s choices–but I’m glad I’ve been true to my needs and desires.


    1. This is what it’s all about…
      While there have been moments when I have wished I had made a different choice, I know that what I have done has been the right thing for me and my family.
      Easy decisions are the ones that don’t matter. It’s the hard decisions that really govern how we live – because in most cases, they’re tied to what we value. It sounds like you’ve hit the chord, Kris. Very nicely done!! 🙂


  3. I agree with being Frugal but there are some that take it to far which in return has other question if they have gone too far.
    Example is coupons. I do use them but I have been watching coupons sites, Facebook, newsletters, ect. and when someone buys 20 bottles of cleaning liquid because they got it for 90% off (sale + coupons) that is being selfish. The money they save was great but if they did not buy that many they would have saved more. 2-3 for back-up to ME is reasonable.


    1. Well, I’m not a coupon clipper or buy in bulk shopper so it’s hard for me to relate to stock piling in this manner. I think some people to calculate the real estate cost of storing those items they’ve so much on buying. Spending money to save money isn’t for me but I know some people really think it’s a saver.
      Again, everyone gets their own choice of how they want to live but I’m all for being reasonable and moderating.
      Thanks for chiming in, Coco!


  4. I totally agree…..I have friends that tel me all of the time that I can’t take my money with me,,,,,,those same friends are always scrounging to make payments,,,,,,I take just as many trips and have just as many beautiful things as they do,,,,,,,the only difference is I sleep very well at night and owe no one a penny,,,,,,,love it…..C.


    1. Charles, very nicely done! There is definitely something to sleeping well at night. 🙂
      I’m so glad you stopped by to leave a comment! Keep up the good work ~


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