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Healthy and Frugal Living Make a Good Pair

Go Gingham: Save more, spend lessDo you ever read an article and think to yourself, “My thoughts exactly.” That’s what happened when I read this article from U.S. News & World Report. It’s about developing good habits – for healthy and frugal living.

How to Develop Frugal Habits: Changing your spending routine is similar to changing your health-related habits

It’s not new information – just a good reminder that it’s the doing a little every day that makes a difference.

Training for half marathon with Go GinghamDoing those little things can also make a big difference!

What do you do every day that makes a difference?

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3 thoughts on “Healthy and Frugal Living Make a Good Pair

  1. There’s a lot of wisdom in that article, and it was especially interesting to hear the author say (with regards to soda at least) that a strict policy of “none” is an easier habit to maintain than the more often advised “moderation-in-all-things” (which is basically the slippery slope argument I posted yesterday!)

    I sometimes like to add up frugal practices, in terms of dollar amounts saved, and it’s always amazing to me how the little things can add up to quite a lot of money over the course of a year or two!


    1. Marian, I agree that sometimes the moderation does NOT work…for me anyway on certain things. I like to say that I have all the self-control in the world as long as items aren’t in my house – like BBQ potato chips! Kettle brand (so at least they’re non-gmo – see how I justify them?) Classic Barbeque should not be purchased ever again by any member of my household. If so, a feedback may as well be attached to me!
      Frugal practices do add up and little changes can really make a difference – but many times it’s easier to go with the instant gratification. Small victories are the key to starting and keeping up. Except bbq potato chips 😉
      Thanks for writing in ~


  2. I’m with you on the potato chips issue. DO NOT PURCHASE.

    But what I liked best in that article was the part about practicing gratitude. It’s easy to fall into the “I want something” mode, but if I take a step back and look at what I already have, I usually realize I don’t need it, and I’m probably pretty happy without whatever the thing of the moment is.

    Thanks for sharing!


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