Costa Rica Travel: Creatures

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

While we traveled to Costa Rica last year, I wanted to share these creatures with you. It was a trip unlike any other mostly because of the creatures we encountered. It is riddled with wildlife! Truly a zoo without cages.  Seriously, all of these animals are actually wild (and mostly friendly).

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

We saw at least three types of monkeys, multiple huge lizards, sloths, birds, raccoons, some crazy large jungle rodent and – even huge crocodiles.

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

We were only there for 7 days and many of these experiences were close up!

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham
My camera had a zoom lens but my son wanted to get an up close picture, so he got up close!

On our drive from Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna, southeast along the coast, we found ourselves on a bridge looking down at crocodiles in Tarcoles.

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

Hotel Arenas del Mar was like Disneyland with a private beach and golf carts that whisked you from point to point. Everything, the beautiful beaches, incredible animals – sloths, monkeys lizards etc., was amazing.

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

I was waiting to snap this photo of this little monkey. He was busy examining a leaf.

Costa Rica Travel with Go GinghamThe monkeys and sloths, we spotted in Manuel Antonio National Park, came with absolutely incredible views of the rain forest environment. We were lucky to have a dry hike while we were there.

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

And, yes, cows in Costa Rica. Not sure why this surprised me!

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

Then I spotted these creatures while surfing. Oh, those are my creatures!

Costa Rica Travel with Go Gingham

My creatures loved the warm water, moderate but consistently surf-able waves. My creatures also loved the zip-lining – once we did it.

Zip lining Costa Rica with Go Gingham

Zip lining (once I stopped screaming at the top of my lungs!) was incredibly scenic and a tour like no other through the cloud forest. Then my creatures enjoyed the bumpy grounds from the huge volcano.

Travel to Costa Rica with Go Gingham

This mist and fog kept us from seeing the Arenal Volcano very often during our stay but when it showed up, it was amazing how close we were to it.

Thanks for traveling along with me – and my creatures!

Have you ever traveled to Costa Rica? What creatures did you see on your trip?

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Disclosure: Thanks to the Costa Rica Tourism Board for providing our family with this amazing trip to Costa Rica.


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  1. I opened up your blog wondering if you had a monkey as a pet! 🙂 What a fun trip for you and your family.


    1. Oh, Kris, too funny! No monkeys – just people who act like monkeys!!
      It was a very fun trip and I can’t wait to get back there and explore the parts we missed. 🙂
      Thanks for writing in, Kris!


  2. We’re so glad you enjoyed your stay with us Sara! Let us know when you’re coming back, once you’ve been to Costa Rica you won’t be able to stay away for long 🙂


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