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Green Living Tip 10 {Buy Staple Foods in Bulk}

Green Living Buy Food Items in Bulk Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: buy staple food items in bulk. To save on packaging and money, consider buying staple foods – flour, rice, oats, sugar, beans, and more – in bulk quantities. This can be done by buying the amount you need from the bulk bin section of your grocery store. Or, you can purchase larger quantities of these items – like 25-pound bags of flour or dried beans – and keep a reasonable amount in the kitchen and store the rest. (We keep lots of items in the freezer – here’s how we do it.)

The grains work well being stored in the freezer – and they won’t go bad. Dried beans hold up well in the pantry and that’s my reminder to cook them every week! (Never cooked with dried beans? It’s easy to do and inexpensive.) It’s easy to cook them in a slow cooker so you don’t need to be home to tend the pot of beans.

Green Living Buy Food Items in Bulk Go Gingham

Buying the basic items in bulk, that you know will get used over and over, not only saves on the packaging and money but you’ll find yourself making fewer trips to the grocery store, as well. It does help to estimate when you’ll run out. Buying staple foods in bulk saves in so many ways! Plus, you’ll always have the ingredients on hand to make a batch of homemade brownies (like these brownies – inspired by our dear old chicken, Betsy) and then you’ll skip buying mixes, too. It’s so easy to save – packaging, resources, money, and time.

What food items do buy in bulk? What food items do you always have on hand?

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2 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 10 {Buy Staple Foods in Bulk}

  1. Interesting that you posted that topic today – I just purchased a 50# bag of old fashioned oats! I hesitated for a few minutes because we have gone from a family of 7 to just 3. In years past, I regularly bought 50# bags of grains, but I do make a good amount of granola and oatmeal cookies – for grandkids, so I feel fairly certain that I can use it up. Do you think it should be frozen or could I just store it in the bag while I use it up?


    1. Hi Ruthie! Way to go – 50lbs is impressive and a work out to lift!
      I store my grains (including oats) in the freezer. If they go bad or little bugs get in, then the whole lot is bad. Better to be safe than sorry!
      Happy baking! 🙂


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