Dinner Group in Early Spring

Dinner group Go Gingham

Do you know what I love most about being in a dinner group? Getting together with friends regularly. Sometimes I feel like our social lives might get swallowed up by to-do lists or taken over by our kids’ activities – and then we’d never get a fun, casual night with friends.

We brought an appetizer platter of hummus (find the recipe here) and other easy to munch food items like olives and cheese.

Appetizers Go Gingham

Not that I have to be forced to get together with friends but life gets busy and the to-do list gets long. We have to remember to slow down and enjoy.

A yummy arugula salad with beets….

Dinner is served Go Gingham

Dinner group forces us to schedule our get togethers with friends and enjoy – and forget about the everyday of life.

Entertaining Go Gingham

A tasty  sauce that was meant for the meat but it was good on the potatoes, too.

Sauce on dinner Go GinghamThe dessert was an apple cake with a caramel sauce on top. I shouldn’t have eaten my entire slice but I did. It was absolutely delicious!

Dessert Go Gingham My mother-in-law was telling me about their dinner group – it’s now appetizers for “dinner group”. This is brilliant, too. Making dates with our friends and getting together regularly is what dinner group (or appetizer group!) is all about. So, schedule a get together with friends and don’t wait. We all need to have fun and get together with friends regularly.

How do you make sure to get your fun in? Are you in a dinner group?

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6 thoughts on “Dinner Group in Early Spring

  1. We aren’t in a dinner group per se but the house next to us is a second house for friends from England. They come over to use it about 4 times per year and so a group of us get together each time to see them. We’ve also been doing a Girls Night Out once a month for a few years now with the hostess preparing a main dish and we all bring extras – sometimes helpful ingredients for the main dish, or bread, or dessert – which is lately been turning into a couples get together too.


    1. How fun, Jill! I love how your groups are evolving and you’re having fun – regularly! I find that laughing every day is something I need to do more of – you know the really good laugh that happens when you’re having fun? Yep, that’s what I need! 🙂 It’s easy to laugh at a dinner party, too, isn’t it?
      Sounds like fun times are a regular occurrence for you. I’m so glad….
      Thanks for writing in and sharing.


  2. Scheduling time for fun with friends is something that I struggle with–we seem to have a lot of friends with irregular schedules and that can be hard to work around. You are right–more time enjoying friends and enjoying life would be revitalizing for me. Speaking of which … time to leave to meet up with a friend for lunch!


    1. We do, too, Kris. The crazy irregular schedules and then kids’ schedules tossed into the mix makes pinning down a date even harder! Glad you made time for lunch with a friend! 🙂
      ps hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!


  3. How fun to have a regular dinner group! I would love to do this and I’m glad that you do. It was fun meeting you this past weekend at Indulge PDX!


    1. Hi Bonnie!
      It is fun to have a regular meet up of friends. If we forget to schedule it, lives take over and it’s off the radar. Actually, I think we need to get one on the calendar now!
      It was very fun meeting you, too, at Indulge. I really enjoyed the conference and that it was right here in town!
      (My apologies for taking so long to respond to this – it slipped through the cracks!)
      Thanks for writing in and I look forward to meeting up again! 🙂


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