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Connect Locally with JustFreshy

JustFreshy launch party

When there’s a new way to share resources in our community, we embrace it. When we can participate in the “sharing economy” by trading our home or sharing seeds from our garden, we do it.

Buying local when possible is another concept we embrace. When I was approached (on Twitter, of all places!) about helping to launch a business that’s basically an online local farmers’ market, I jumped at the opportunity.

And so, I’d like to introduce you to….JustFreshy! Here are all of the details.

Connect Locally with JustFreshy

What is JustFreshy.com?
JustFreshy is a FREE online farmers’ market community where local growers and makers can buy, sell or trade their creations. JustFreshy allows only items that are grown or made by hand locally.

Who can list items on JustFreshy?
Home gardeners and crafters, local family owned farms and specialty shops, CSAs, and farmers’ market vendors. Farmers’ market vendors can advertise what they will be bringing to this week’s market and they can also advertise items for sale on non-market days and what’s for sale at their farms.

How is JustFreshy different from Craig’s list or Etsy?
We love Craig’s list, but Craig’s list is for used items. JustFreshy allows only items that are made or grown by hand locally. Also, Craig’s list has such an enormous amount of items listed, it can be overwhelming. It’s easy to miss great items. Etsy charges sellers to list items and they do not promote local sales. They are mail order. JustFreshy is free for all users – now and forever. Also, we have a tilt towards produce and plants with a focus on what’s local.

JustFreshy.comWhat types of items can be listed on JustFreshy?
Produce, flowers, plants, eggs, dairy, food items, crafts, and art can be listed on JustFreshy. Anything that’s handmade, homemade, homegrown, and handcrafted qualifies. We already have many amazing items!

How did we come up with the idea?
We had an abundance of cucumbers one year and not enough tomatoes. There was no dedicated site that allowed you to buy, sell or trade your produce, plants, flowers or crafts. We realized there needed to be a way to connect local sellers and buyers. We also have friends who are sellers on Etsy and were looking for an easy way to advertise and sell their items locally.

What are JustFreshy strengths?
We provide local gardeners and artisans a quick and easy way to connect with local, interested buyers. Our website creates a powerful new category for the “sharing economy.” We’re also building and promoting a stronger local community. We’re helping the environment by generating less food waste by allowing growers to sell part of their bumper crop. JustFreshy allows consumers to see, meet, and connect with the people and places behind the items for sale.

When did JustFreshy launch?
Two months ago and traffic is building quickly!

Are there any JustFreshy features we should know about?
Users can set up a free wish list and be notified by text message or email when items of interest are listed for sale nearby or when their favorite seller lists an item for sale. JustFreshy has a community forum where people can learn from others and connect in our online community.

JustFreshy launch party Sara
From the launch party! My husband helped me by handing out t-shirts.

What does the future hold for JustFreshy?
We want to make JustFreshy a household name among area residents and expand nationwide. Sharing our resources and supporting our local economies allows us to connect with the people behind the products we buy and sell – or trade.

I’m sold and I want a free JustFreshy t-shirt?
I will send you one! Here’s what you have to do: Sign up for an account and email me at sara@gogingham dot com to tell me you’ve done so. (Please include the link to your profile page in the email.) Be sure and tell me the size (small, medium, large and extra-large) and color (blue, green or brown) you’d like. I’ll do my best to get you the color you’d like. You have to promise to wear your t-shirt and tell everyone about JustFreshy!
T-shirts are all gone, friends! Thanks for your interest!!

KATU channel 2 news (the ABC affiliate in Portland, Oregon) featured JustFreshy on their “Stumptown Startups” last week. Check out the interview I did with them about JustFreshy in our urban homestead – our yard!

The Portland Tribune featured JustFreshy in their paper, too!

If JustFreshy ends up on Shark Tank, I will definitely let you know. I’ve always wanted to be on that show but when you have a blog about real food recipes and green living, you don’t really have a product to pitch the sharks.

Try it out. It’s free now and forever.

What do you think about JustFreshy? Have you checked out the site?

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  1. This sounds great! I use craigslist all the time to buy and sell things but this seems much classier. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks


    1. Hi there GardenerPDX!
      It is much easier to search items and the pictures/profiles make it very classy. I hope you have lots of luck finding items in your neighborhood. Thanks for writing in! 🙂


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