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Frugal and Fancy Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations tablecloth Go Gingham

Do you want your home to be festive and frightful for Halloween but don’t want to spend a fortune? Go frugal and fancy for Halloween with these six tips. They’re easy, inexpensive, and edible. Green is the theme – and it’s not a bit slimy!

Halloween decorating Go Gingham

  1. Focus :: Focus on one or two areas to decorate – entryway and mantel are good spots for me. Don’t feel like you have to decorate the entire house – unless you want to. If Halloween is your thing – go for it! Tips for decorating a mantel for Halloween.
  2. Find :: Look around your house and garden for Halloween or harvest items. I like garden pots, candlestick holders, string lights, statues or heads, pictures, and books. Ghoulish, creepy, and scary themed items are the theme.
  3. Lasting :: Tablecloths are my go-to for decorating quickly and they last. Head to your favorite fabric store and find a fabric that can be hemmed easily – like cotton. Because they’re used only once-a-year, seasonal tablecloths always look new and fresh.
  4. Go natural :: Decorate with nature – acorns and branches can be very spooky! Take a walk in the park and collect items. They’re free and can be composted when you’re done.
  5. Eat your veggies :: Pumpkins and squash give a harvest feel and then when the season changes, you can eat them.
  6. Shop til you drop :: Well, not really but if you find yourself needing an item that you can’t live without, wait until after Halloween to buy it. Stores have drastic mark-downs once the holiday has passed. Missed your item? Look for it at a second-hand store. Used seasonal items are plentiful at estate sales, garage sales, and second hand stores.

Halloween decorating Go Gingham

So shop – at home, first, and then go for a walk and gather. Next, roast your decorations and eat them as soup. Simple, green, frugal, and still fancy. All my favorites! Oh, if you’re sewing the tablecloth, I suggest lining it with gingham. There’s never enough gingham.

What do you look for when gathering or shopping for items that are Halloween-ish?

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2 thoughts on “Frugal and Fancy Halloween Decorations

  1. I don’t have the mental energy to decorate for both Halloween and Thanksgiving–I am an autumnal decorator. I throw a few seasonal pumpkin/autumn candle items on the mantel, an autumn wreath on the door (purchased in the after-Halloween sales several years ago), throw a few pumpkins (purchased from Aldi, of course) on the front porch as well as a few mums (a girl’s gotta splurge) and call it good. My hubby and kids carve the pumpkins. Sometimes I put squash on the porch with the pumpkins, too, if my husband isn’t in roasting-squash-mode (he thinks I’m nuts for doing this … ). Your decor looks fun and festive.


    1. I hear ya’ on the crossover decorating! 🙂
      For me, it’s any excuse to sew something with super cute fabric.
      Thanks, Kris!!


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