7 Tips for Being the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

Go Gingham: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday to host – probably because it’s all about good food, family, and simple decorations. Even if we don’t host Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we still cook the entire dinner. The dinner is so good and the leftovers can’t be beat. (Even turkey broth is tasty and easy to make!)

If you’re invited for Thanksgiving dinner here are 7 tips for being the best dinner guest. (Note to my teenagers, read up! These aren’t just for Thanksgiving. These are good if you’re invited anywhere for dinner.)


7 Tips for Being the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Guest
  1. Inquire. Ask what you can bring (potluck dinners rule!) – and if you’re not a cook, don’t worry. Hosts are good at handing out recipe assignments, delegating, or assigning a dish to bring.
  2. Share. If your host or hostess says not to bring anything, go ahead and bring a drink to share. Don’t show up empty handed but bring a favorite of yours or something your hosts can drink later.
  3. Make music. Make a playlist, make a CD or go retro and make a cassette tape! Make a tape of your favorite dinner party music and holiday music. Singing along is optional.
  4. Be present. Don’t bring your phone to the table. I’m sure the table setting would look really awesome in your Instagram feed but be smart and leave the phone in your handbag or jacket pocket. Oh, airplane mode keeps your phone from accidentally emitting noises.
  5. Give a hand. Help your “hostess with the mostess” clear the dishes from the table. Better yet, take over all together. Even young kids can give a hand with clearing dishes and getting them from the table into the kitchen.
  6. Take away. Bring containers with you for leftovers. Whenever someone comes for Thanksgiving dinner, I always send them home with leftovers. What’s better than Thanksgiving turkey on a sandwich the next day? Nothing. We need our containers so bring your own and you’ll leave with dinner you get to take away.
  7. Take note. Yes, your mother was right. Writing thank you notes are still the right choice after a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and who doesn’t love to get a card in the mail? A text the next day is fine but go the extra step and put pen to paper. Someone has to keep the postal service in business, right?

Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply from Go Gingham

Enjoy this holiday and give thanks. And, don’t worry, if you’re coming to our house for Thanksgiving there’s no quiz and we’ll still invite you back next year even if you skip one or two of the above. Promise.

Which do you prefer: hosting Thanksgiving or being a guest? What would you add to my list?

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4 thoughts on “7 Tips for Being the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Guest

  1. Great advice for any time you are a guest! It can be tricky to help out sometimes, though … my in-law’s have an eat-in kitchen and there is barely room to squeeze all 12 of us in. They actually prefer that my kids don’t try to help clear the table, because of the lack of room–but we still practice that skill at home!


    1. Glad to hear they’re getting good manner practice at home and I’m not surprised at all! 🙂
      Crowded kitchens can be difficult – especially with that number! We have a very small kitchen – but a rather large dining room. I wish it were the other way around – LOL!
      Happy Thanksgiving, Kris, and enjoy your celebration with the in-laws!


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