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For a Healthier Home, Change Cleaning Supplies

ReThinking Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

Over several years, we have switched out all of our laundry detergents, dish washing detergent, dish soap, window cleaner, grease cutter cleaner, gritty scrub, hand soap, and shampoo. While this may sound like lots of work (it’s actually not) the result has been a much healthier home and family.

While I do make several cleaners, I also buy some products from companies who I trust. But how did I know who to trust? The resource I use for all of our cleaning and consumer products – and before I buy anything – is the Environmental Working Group (EWG.org). They are a non-profit, bipartisan group who rate products based on the effects they have on our health and the environment. Products who get top scores on EWG’s website are those who list what ingredients are in their cleaning supplies and what risks they pose. These risks are to our health as well as environmental.

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While I thought we’d save money on buying those products – and we have – our family is physically healthier. My husband’s asthma and allergies have vanished. That has saved use a ton of money on prescription costs! We’re also  generating a lot less waste because I reuse glass vinegar bottles for our cleaning supplies. I’m trying to buy less plastic so reusing is important.

Using fewer chemicals is better for the environment, too. Water connects us all and the health of the ocean touches everyone. When we pour something down the drain or put something on our lawns to kill weeds, it all eventually ends up in the ocean. Even facial scrub contains very small plastic balls to add grit and scrubbing action. Fish can’t tell the difference between plastic balls and food.

Here’s my attitude: If a company isn’t willing to state or list what ingredients they put into their cleaning supplies or other consumer products, then I won’t buy their items. Consumers have the power to make a difference with their purchasing dollars but we have to make the effort. The future of our planet and the quality of our oceans depend on how we treat it today. We all have to do our part.

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Changing our cleaning supplies and consumer products has changed our lives. We’re healthier and have generated a lot less waste. We all need to think about our purchases and ask more from companies.

Do you make your own cleaning supplies?

6 thoughts on “For a Healthier Home, Change Cleaning Supplies

  1. Great post! So rewarding your family got immediate and measurable health benefits from this change. I totaly agree with you wrote and make the same efforts at home.


  2. I make most of my own now, except laundry detergent (I buy an eco brand) and Dawn liquid. (That stuff is magic when mixed with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda!) I also have replaced most face and skin care and have replaced wipes of all types with reusable cloths. I enjoy the trial and error process and using things that are less expensive and better for me and the environment.


    1. Hi Vee!
      Thanks for writing in ~
      Honestly, I’d still check your brands with the Environmental Working Group’s database. I was really surprised (and disappointed!) to find several products I purchased that claimed to be ‘natural’ or ‘eco’ but actually were not. No one (government wise) is checking these claims or making sure the companies are telling the truth. That’s how I ended up turning our household upside with the switch.
      Thanks again ~


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