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Warm and Cozy Window Coverings for Winter

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Window coverings Go Gingham

Keeping our home warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer – especially the living room where we spend lots of time – can be tricky with a 100-plus-year-old home. The windows let in cold air in the winter but replacing them is simply too great an expense. Plus, the windows look good on our old house. We wanted our home to be warm and cozy this winter and covering the windows was the sustainable solution.

We used window coverings and roller shades together as our one-two punch to keep the cold out. This summer, we’ll use these to keep the sun and heat out.

  • Insulation :: Using both window coverings and shades together this winter has been like putting a big sweater on the windows. It provided insulation for the living room with lots of style. We’ve been able to keep the room warm and cozy with the heat staying inside our home rather than escaping out through the inefficient windows.
  • Price point :: The price of the roller shades is very reasonable. While custom roller shades will set you back, these TUPPLAR shades have the look of custom but not the custom price point. They’re a good value for stock shades and you can easily customize them to fit your window size. The INGERT curtains we chose are made of a natural fabric – 80% cotton and 20% flax. These have the look of linen and the fabric is sustainably grown. The curtains can also be used on their own, without drawing the roller shades. We can have privacy without blocking out all the light.
  • Energy saving :: Were you wondering how we could still see to read with all that room darkening and blocking out of light? Lamps – we chose RANARP – equipped with LED lights to the rescue! IKEA has made the commitment to only sell LED light bulbs and several of their lights have adjustable features. What I really like is that even though these light bulbs last for years, when they do reach the end of their lives, they can be returned and recycled at IKEA. Located near the customer service counter is a recycling station where you can drop off batteries and LED light bulbs. You know how I feel about stores taking responsibility for the products and packaging they sell. Supporting companies and organizations who make this a priority is important.

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The products

  • Roller shades :: The TUPPLAR shades are definitely room darkening and keep out every bit of light. (It’s too bad I didn’t have these when I had napping children!) They pull up and down easily and can be mounted in several ways, depending on your windows.
  • Window coverings :: While these INGERT curtains come two panels to a package they also include an added bonus: tie backs. No need to add more hardware since the tie backs do the job. The curtains can be hemmed easily, too. I like the dramatic effect of the longer curtain but that works best in catalogs and showrooms. In our living room, those longer curtains were acting as dust-bunny collectors so they got a quick hem! If you don’t sew, there is iron on tape that can be used with an iron to make a no-sew hem.

Shades and lamps Go Gingham

Installation tips…

  • The roller shades are best cut with a fabric rotary cutter. If you have one, use it! Placing the shade on the grid for cutting made quick work of cutting the entire shade. Also, because I used the grid, there was no need to mark the shade before cutting. If you don’t have one, ask friends and family who quilts. Quilters always have a rotary cutter and mat.
  • If you have a power hack saw, use that for cutting the metal base of the shade. We do not have one but this would have made quicker work of shortening the metal tube. Be sure and wrap a protective piece of fabric or towel when cutting the tube so that you don’t accidentally cut the shade. While this didn’t happen to us, we came awfully close.
  • Cover up previous holes with the window covering hardware. Our last curtain hardware left several holes that neither my husband or I wanted to patch, sand, and paint. After realizing the hardware comes with a cover, we installed and popped the cover on. Job done and no grumbling!

Curtains and lamp Go Gingham

Keeping our home warm and cozy in the winter and cool in the summer without using additional resources is something we strive for. Using window coverings and roller shades together really provides a one-two punch for our older home. Achieving this goal with minimal cost and having it look good makes everyone very happy.

How do you keep your windows insulated? Blinds, curtains or shades?

Thank you to IKEA for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that help support Go Gingham.

9 thoughts on “Warm and Cozy Window Coverings for Winter

  1. awesome! I love shades, lol. Weird, I know, but they remind me of my grandmothers. Most of the year in FL it is hot (duh) and that is how we kept/keep our house cool. 🙂


    1. Bobbi, I’m loving these shades! Very easy and no sewing involved.
      Can’t wait to see how they do in the summer. Thanks, Bobbi! 🙂


  2. This is interesting, as I have often wondered about these amazing US homes I see on blogs and they have NO curtains or window coverings at all, even when there snow/obvious heat outside. Are these huge windows glazed in some way that limits heat loss/entry? And also to my eye the windows look “undressed”.

    Anyway, your windows look great – I already have one if the tupplar blinds and will be checking out the curtains on my next visit to Ikea Tempe.


    1. Thanks so much, Laura, and I agree with you about the windows – looking good but they must letting heat out, right? We did have to replace some bedroom windows upstairs in our home and it’s still warmer when the shades are down.
      I really like the texture of the curtains – our color is dark grey with the dark grey shades. Dark colors but the living room is very light with lots of windows.
      Thank you for writing in, Laura! 🙂


    2. Yes, the windows have a glaze on them to help with the heat loss/entry as well as glare, which I unfortunately discovered with our giant picture window. I cleaned it with something too abrasive and it scratched my brand-new window’s glaze. I was heartsick, but there was no solution except for replacing a very expensive window … again …

      Most new windows in the US are at least double-paned, and many are triple-paned, to keep out the drafts. It really cut down on the draftiness for us, but I can still tell a difference when I pull the blinds/curtains at night. Maybe if you went with a top-of-the-line window company like Pella, you might not get any drafts, but I have a hard time believing it.

      I kinda like the “undressed” window look for daytime, but I don’t like that people can see into my home at night.


  3. I love brand-specific information–thanks! I am preparing to re-do my son’s room and have been debating my window options. Are the window curtains room-darkening, too? I don’t want to take down the blinds in his room–they provide light but privacy (the neighbor’s house is close by) but am considering curtains.

    Our house is over 60 years old and we replaced the windows when energy tax credits were available a few years ago, and it made a world of difference, but I can see where, both financially and aesthetically, you wouldn’t want to do window replacements. Your window treatments are good solutions! We did window putty/window plastic treatments to help with drafts.


    1. Kris, I’m amazed at how dark the room is with shades down and curtains closed. The dark color of the long curtains really keeps it dark.
      Of course you replace windows and got tax credits – you’re smart with your money! Someday we may do it but until then, sweaters and curtains it is.
      Thanks for writing in! 🙂 You may need to share photos of your son’s room….


  4. Lovely look for your living room and I’m glad the strategy is working to keep your house warmer.


    1. Thanks, Marie-Josee. I’m very pleased with how it all turned out. Our house is old and our furnishing are all second-hand but the new shades and curtains really fit the room.
      Thank you for writing in and sharing! 🙂


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