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Spring Chickens and Laying Eggs

Baby chicks Go Gingham

Last spring, we got a new flock of baby chicks. Well, three chicks. That’s all we’re allowed in the city. This past week, we finally had our first three-egg day. Hens take a break from laying in the winter and then with longer days comes more light. With more light on their eyes, chickens get into egg laying.

Everyone in the family was so happy when the last hen began laying. I had just started talking about chicken stew and the next thing you know, a three-egg day. While we eat meat, no one wanted to slaughter, process the chicken, and eat it. We took a vote and it was a no go. Well, I voted yes but was out numbered.

Backyard Chickens Go Gingham

Chickens aren’t really smart enough to know when their fate is being discussed. You know the saying ‘bird brain?’ Well, it is very true.

Since it’s still freezing cold (relatively speaking for Portland) outside, I was thinking about a warming batch of chicken noodle soup. (Here’s the recipe for chicken noodle soup.)

Homemade chicken noodle soup from Go Gingham

Of course, if it was too late for soups, I would have opted for an oven roasted whole chicken, with leftovers. Anyone can roast a whole chicken in the oven, by the way. My teenage son tested the recipe for me so I know it can be done. (Here’s the recipe for the oven roasted whole chicken and here’s the recipe for making chicken broth with it when you’re done.)

What to do with leftovers from roasting a chicken? Of course I’d make the best ever curry chicken salad sandwiches. These are best served with fresh arugula. But, not arugula from our garden. Those plants, while still producing are from last year, and the leaves are too tough. They belong in stir fry or tossed into freshly drained hot pasta that’s been drizzled with olive oil. (Here’s the recipe for curry chicken salad.)

Curry Chicken Salad Go Gingham

Yes, I’m thrilled with the eggs from those backyard girls. There’s nothing quite like farm fresh eggs. Don’t forget to save the egg shells in the freezer for planting with tomatoes or using them around plants in the garden to keep pesky slugs at bay.

Go Gingham: Egg shells in the garden

Whether you eat eggs, raise chickens, or grow vegetables, everything can and should be used more than once. I like to be resourceful – and use and reuse. Please consider doing the same.

What’s your favorite chicken or egg recipe? Do you garden with egg shells?

2 thoughts on “Spring Chickens and Laying Eggs

  1. Aww! Love the chickens. I’m with your family, BTW–I don’t want to eat a friend.

    I’m roasting a chicken in the crockpot right now. I usually get close to 2 cups of leftover chicken, which is great for so many different meals. This week I think I’ll use it for soup. I’ll have the broth, after all. 😉


    1. Oh, Kris, that soup sounds delish!
      Our chickens have had a rough winter with the record amount of rainfall we’ve had. They are so happy to have sunshine and dry weather today for digging in the dirt. Actually, I’m glad about those, too! 😉
      Thanks for writing in and sharing.


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