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Easiest Ever Easter Meals

Go Gingham: Easter morning sandwich

Springtime is here – or at least mostly – but that’s what we’ll call it since Easter is next month. With spring time holidays right around the corner, here’s a round up of some quick and easy brunch meal ideas.

We like to host Easter brunch – but it’s actually breakfast since it gets eaten around 9:00am. After we go to church, everyone is starving. For some reason, going to church early makes my family hungry. Must be all that kneeling, praying, and hand shaking. Who knows what but something makes us famished so we come home and eat. Immediately. Go figure.

Breakfast – or brunch – sandwiches are my favorite. You get everything ready ahead of time and then assemble them when you get home from church. Or, you skip church and just get everything ready. Either way, you’re set.

The other breakfast (or brunch program) I like to do is make all of the sandwiches ahead of time and put a tray of them in a warm oven. Instead of everyone making their own sandwich, I do an assembly line and get them all done.

Easiest Ever Easter Meals

These egg salad sandwiches are the best with eggs from backyard chickens.

Easy egg salad recipe Go Gingham

Make these sausages ahead of time and freeze. Cook and enjoy for breakfast lunch or dinner.

Natural Pork Patties Go Gingham

If you need an appetizer, check out these devilishly good deviled eggs. Seriously. I love a good deviled egg and these deliver!

Deviled Eggs Recipe Go Gingham

If you like simple, go with the egg in a basket. It’s easy enough for kids to make.

Egg in the basket from Go Gingham

Of course, you can start super simple with making the perfect boiled egg. If you’ve never gotten that down, you’re in luck. This is a no fail method.

Go Gingham: How to hard boil eggs

Whatever spring holiday you celebrate, enjoy it without lots of fuss or complicated dishes. Eggs are easy for breakfast or brunch. Happy spring to you!

What’s your favorite egg dish?

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