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Gluten Free Soup Thickener

While most recipes suggest using flour or corn starch to thicken soups and stews, I have a secret ingredient for thickening soups that’s gluten free and vegan - and it’s super healthy, too. It’s beans! By using white beans in place of other thickeners, you’re getting a gluten free, vegan thickener that’s loaded with fiber.… Continue reading Gluten Free Soup Thickener

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract, which is in practically every baked good recipe on earth, should have 2 ingredients in it: alcohol and vanilla beans. If your vanilla extract has more than these 2 ingredients, consider how unnecessary the other ingredients are. Plus, this is so easy to make, you’re never going to buy vanilla extract again. Homemade… Continue reading Homemade Vanilla Extract

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Personalizing a Wedding, Part Two

This is a follow-up guest post from my sweet sister, Mary, who just got married. She shared with us previously about personalizing a wedding.... Your wedding can be however simple or fancy you want it to be - it's your wedding. If you are in the midst of planning one or you know someone who… Continue reading Personalizing a Wedding, Part Two

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Slipcover or Reupholster? Which to Choose?

When it comes to having chairs and sofas redone, there’s usually two choices: slipcover or reupholster. But, which to choose? Either will give you a lovely end result – a new outside garment for a piece of solid furniture - but slipcover or reupholster? Having this type of sewing work done for you can be… Continue reading Slipcover or Reupholster? Which to Choose?