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Freezing Berries

 Go Gingham: Freezing berries

Freezing berries that you pick is a great way to enjoy fresh fruit year round. Freezing whole berries on a pan is my favorite method for preserving fruit. It’s super easy to do and you’ll save resources by using glass or plastic containers.

Follow these 4 easy steps to freezing berries:

Green tops removed from berries in container
Green tops removed from berries.

1.  Rinse berries that grow close to the ground (strawberries) and remove green tops

Berries rinsed and placed on towel, ready to be frozen
Strawberries rinsed and ready to be frozen.

2.  Arrange berries on a jelly roll pan (11″x17″) lined with a clean, dry, cotton towel

3.  Place berries in freezer until frozen solid (about 3 hours)Berries frozen solid on towel and ready for airtight container

4.  Transfer frozen berries to freezer-proof container and return to freezerFrozen berries in freezer proof container

Berries in the freezer can be enjoyed year round. They are a little taste of summer in your mouth!  I love using the frozen berries in our fruit smoothies and in muffin and cake recipes. You can do this, too. It’s so easy.

If you don’t have time to go pick the berries yourself, just them at the market when they’re in season. That’s usually when they’re at the best price, too.

Notes:  The towel can be used several times for freezing berries.  Non-fuzzy towels work best.  Soak towel in a small bucket with 1 Tablespoon of Borax and water to ensure berries don’t stain.

Go Gingham: Chickens eating strawberry tops
Our backyard chickens “girls” enjoying the strawberry tops.

The “girls” in our backyard were happy, too.

Do you like to freeze berries? Do you have backyard chickens?

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8 thoughts on “Freezing Berries

  1. I end up getting my frozen berries from the Kiwanis in the Summer when they do their fundraiser. I don’t think there are any U-pick berry places in my vicinity. Where do you get yours?

    I agree with Eleanor about how good they are in smoothies. You don’t need to add ice cubes so they flavors are stronger. I especially like them with banana.


  2. We pick berries on Sauvie Island. We’ve also picked peaches and used this same method for freezing. Slice peaches in half, remove pit and leave the skin. Leaving the skin on is a huge time saver. The peaches get used in our smoothies as well.
    Thanks for the comment!!


  3. Thy website is very classy I dare say! Thank you for showing the world ( and web ) your frugal lifestyle. Bravo!!


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