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Homemade Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorating
Orange lights from Goodwill make the entryway very festive!

Decorating for Halloween is always fun and festive.  Here are some ways to make it frugal, as well. Decorating with homemade Halloween decorations and in particular with tablecloths can transform a room quickly. These projects do involve purchasing fabric but you will have these decorations for years to come. Holiday decorations are seen only once a year so investing and re-using is very wise. Plus, look at how cute this fabric is!

Homemade Halloween Decorations

This a little table throw that fits inside a tray. The tablecloth is lined and has piping around the edge.

Homemade Halloween decorations tablecloth with piping
Adding piping to table throws really fancies them up!

It fits inside a tray on the coffee table in our living room. I like how it adds just a bit Halloween to the living room. The tray sits on a tray table. See how nicely this fits inside the tray?  By sewing items, it’s easy to customize the size, too.

Homemade Halloween decorations tablecloth in tray

Below is our dining room table with a very festive Halloween tablecloth.  The tablecloth is lined with black fabric, which I extended on the sides and ends for extra detailing.

Homemade Halloween diningroom tablecloth

The black lining fabric is 3″ wider that the Halloween print. Sewn with right sides together, once it’s turned right side out and pressed, the black fabric works as a liner as well as gives it a border. I also extended the fabric on the ends and made a thick border with the black lining fabric.

To make this table cloth, follow the directions here – Flag Day Table Cloth.

Homemade Halloween decorations tablecloth details
The black fabric is wider than the jack-o-lantern fabric along the sides. Sew with right sides together and then turn right-side out.

Below is the edge of the table.  This tablecloth sits on top of the table and doesn’t drop down along the sides.  This is a very clean look and who needs a tablecloth to hang into their lap while they are eating?

Homemade Halloween decorations tablecloth details diningroom

Now, onto the kitchen. In our kitchen, we have a butcher block island that doubles as our kitchen table.

Kitchen table before
Our kitchen table is butcher block wood.

Here’s another tablecloth that’s really a slipcover, because it fits nice and snug around the wood.

Halloween kitchen tablecloth - after
The slipcover table cloth – snug fitting so it stays put.

This very “scary” tablecloth in our kitchen is lined with black fabric and features black piping around the outside.  Corner pleats make the cover fit nicely.

Halloween kitchen tablecloth with chair
Kitchen island with Halloween tablecloth/slipcover.

After snacking and eating, I remove the cover and shake the crumbs off – outside.  Festive, fun, frugal and easy clean-up?  This sounds very Go Gingham to me!

Our entryway is another spot that’s ready for Halloween.

Halloween decorating

This is another trick I have for inexpensive holiday decorating – using lights.  These orange  lights (which I found at a second hand-store) are strung in our entry-way and give visitors a little “frightful” greeting.

These little jack-o-lanterns are plastic and have been used for over 20 years. At the end of the season, I fold them back up clip them together and then store them flat in a plastic bag.

If I keep my decorations organized, they stay neat and I want to use them again. When I take them down quickly and wad them up into a big ball (because I’m in a hurry and think I’m saving time!), I don’t want to use them again.

Halloween Lights and Pumpkins

Buying items that are classic in style and good quality means you’ll use them for many years. By sewing tablecloths and reusing the same items every year, my house is transformed and decorated quickly.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Halloween?
Do you re-use your decorations year after year or hunt for new (or “new” to you) treasures?
What types of homemade Halloween decorations will you try this year?

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  1. Sara,
    I have always been annoyed by tableclothes that hang longer than they should, getting caught up on my clothes. I love the idea of putting the corners in so it ‘hugs’ the table. This solves my problem in my dining room. Great idea!



    1. Thanks Kirsten. I’ve always thought tablecloths should really be “tablemats” and not hang down, especially if you have a pretty table.


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