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Grilled Thanksgiving Turkey

Our Thanksgiving turkey

We traveled for Thanksgiving so we celebrated at our home last night.  We love cooking the Thanksgiving meal and the leftovers are not to be missed. This is our turkey. This bird is the word. I’m not joking – this is the best bird I’ve ever had.  Grilled, on the Weber. Sprinkled with a dry-brine and rubbed down daily by my husband (aka “Grill Master”).  He claims he’ll share the recipe but not today.  The Washington Redskins are on network TV right now.

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When I was growing up, my Dad always grilled our turkey on the Weber.  I thought everyone did this.  Luckily, my Dad trained my husband, Brad, and the family tradition continues.  My brothers also grill their birds but there is no way they can compete with this bird. Seriously.

This year, my sister’s boyfriend grilled their bird. My sister, Mary, and her boyfriend, Weston, live in Anchorage, Alaska. There were several phone calls between Brad and Weston but the results were evidently quite tasty. Good job, Weston!

I love family traditions. Especially ones that involve grilled meat.

The tray that the turkey is on? It’s a second-hand-store-purchase, of course.

How was your Thanksgiving? Any family traditions you love?

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4 thoughts on “Grilled Thanksgiving Turkey

  1. The first Thanksgiving turkey I ever cooked was on a barbecue (gas grill). With the husband having to work the early morning shift at the TV station, the plan was to have the brother-in-law arrive at our house to put the bird on the grill, but true to form, he overslept. Since we needed the oven space for numerous other dishes, it was up to me to get the ‘cue going. Never having turned it on before I was a bit of a frantic mess, but I got it fired up and, thanks to a protective sheet of foil placed when the turkey’s top started looking a little charred, the turkey turned out great. I was a puddle of anxiety, but it all ended up beautifully. Roasting the turkey on the BBQ = great idea!


  2. Love it, Laurie! What a great story. I do like the bird out on the grill so the oven can be used for other dishes. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Ah, that’s a bunch of hooey. I perfected the grilled/smoked turkey years ago. You just haven’t been present in the last ten years for any one of my >20 examples of supercrazypoultryperfection.

    I use Dan Gill’s Turkey Brine (google for that), hickory chips soaked all night in water, sometimes I throw fresh sage on the coals. Grill time is 4-5 hours because the first two are smoke time with lower heat.


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