Why I love Portland and Free Stuff

Free little table

I just picked up this little table on my way to the grocery store!  I just love it when people put their “junk” out on the sidewalk with a little sign that says “free” and it becomes my “treasure” and it fits into my little car.  Actually, this would not have fit into my car so luckily, my husband was driving!

Sticky stuff on free little table

It does have some sticky-nasty-not-really-sure-what-this-is-sort of stuff on the top but it will be looking great in no time.  Free furniture in Portland is definitely one of my indulgences.  You should see my basement!  I already have a plan for this little table.  Stay tuned…

Do other cities do this like Portland?  Do you put things at the curb and hope someone takes your rejects home?

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10 thoughts on “Why I love Portland and Free Stuff

  1. My sister’s call it “trash picking”. My middle sister gets MANY things this way such as her screen porch furniture set, a set of two upholstered ( now re-upholstered) benches. Don’t worry though, they will not be competing with you for curb side treasures. They are near Washington DC.


  2. Washington, DC is where I got my start taking in rejected furnishings. We used to call it “alley shopping” and our house still features many of those finds! Thanks for the comment(s) Jennifer!


  3. Several of my other Portland friends are like-minded, Sara! They see promise and possibility in things on the curb that most of us just pass by. I love seeing these finds – especially the finished, cleaned-up piece. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with this one.


  4. I believe I’ve seen you down on my curb, Mrs. Tetreault. I need to shadow you for a day and soak up some treasure-finding mojo. My best find to date is an insulated hot water teapot that seriously keeps water hot all day long! I’d like to upgrade to furniture, however. I’m looking for a matching set of two occasional chairs for our living room.


  5. Great table, Sara!

    I once lived in a college town where everybody near the school moved on August 15th. All of the apartment leases seemed to begin and end on that day every year. In the chaos of thousands of people moving there were many many pieces of furniture on every block, and the smart students picked up new pieces every year. You didn’t need to buy anything to furnish your place.


  6. I’m likely to get whiplash from how quickly my head snaps to look at a curbside freebie when driving by. To the utter embarrassment of my soon-to-be-14-year-old, I’ve picked up a chair, a plant, and stopped to look at lots of things while my daughter melts with mortification. So added bonus – free stuff AND good-natured teenager torture!


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