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When Dumpsters are Locked Diving Woes Result

Dumpster diving woes - dumpster with cover???
What? A dumpster with a cover on it? Locked?

This is a trend that I hope will not continue or my “frugal shopping” days are numbered!  It is a sad day when someone (like myself) can’t root through someone’s  junk.  Keeping more junk from going to waste or a landfill should be a right, right?  A covered, locked dumpster is a huge problem.  Luckily, I didn’t see too much that was of interest to me.

Dumpster diving problem

The other trend that is a problem is how big my hair gets when it is misty/rainy/spitty like it was today in Portland!

Go Gingham quiz – which is bigger?  The dumpster or my hair?

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13 thoughts on “When Dumpsters are Locked Diving Woes Result

  1. I think the hair wins out.
    My fav dumpster find was when I went to the Beaverton recycling center to look for an old big book to use for a Mother’s Day present. I found a nearly full set of Shakespeare’s works. I dove in, gathered them up, loaded them on the bumble bee bike and took off. They have been an excellent addition to the library.


    1. Oh my goodness! I always thought the “bumble bee” bike was really the “cumble bee” bike! Perhaps the paint was just chipped a little. Good find!


  2. Wow, the Werner ladies are sharing all their secrets. I miss hearing (via Mary) Claudine’s secrets to life…especially the melaleuca one (or however you spell that).


  3. The Dumpsters in the Colorado town my sister lives in are locked down to discourage foraging bears. I never thought about how that might discourage freeganism, though … 🙂

    Cheers, Naomi


    1. No bears, Naomi, just me, trying to decorate my home and keep stuff out of landfills. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Wait, the weather is like that in Portland all the time. So is your hair. And, don’t the dumpsters have stickers that state “Don’t play on or around”? (But Peter, this isn’t play, this is serious.)


    1. Peter, you are right, no playing. I’m especially proud when my kids want to check out what’s inside a dumpster! I just found an entire set (3 different sizes of round and a big square one) of cast iron skillets. They need cleaning (of course!) and seasoning but are in excellent condition. Too bad our one-butt kitchen is so small because I have no space for them! Thanks for the comment.


  5. My sister lives in Connecticut, and there, you can go to the landfill itself and root through! Wear gloves and rain boots, though.


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