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Password Organization

Rolodex used for passwords

Just like organizing my recipe binders, my passwords needed some organizing attention as well. Experts say not to use the same password for your different on-line accounts. This is good advice but what to do with all of those pesky little numbers and letters?! Who can keep all of those straight in their head? Dig out that old Rolodex and re-use it!

Rolodex used for passwords again

This is a great way to keep track of your different on-line accounts.  You won’t need to click on the link that says “forgotten your password?” and wait for it to arrive in your e-mail in-box.  This Rolodex is used only for passwords, not phone numbers or addresses.

Rolodex holders are readily available at garage sales, estate sales or second hand stores.  The cards, tabs and sleeves are also at these various sales as well.  Many times, these are still in their original packaging.

The fancy paper on the front is a scrap from another organizing project. I cut it out to fit the plastic sleeve. I try and always keep my scraps from different projects because I never know when I might be able to re-use them.

How do you organize your passwords?

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2 thoughts on “Password Organization

  1. Hi Sara,

    I love your website!

    There are a ton of Rolodex related items at SCRAP. I was just there yesterday, looking at them and wondering what I could do with a Rolodex.

    I use my address book for my passwords and usernames. I just file under the name of the website. My problem is remembering to enter them there in the first place.

    Thanks for all the great tips and advice. I’m looking forward to future posts 🙂


    1. Diane, thanks for the tip about SCRAP. SCRAP is great and it is where I take all of my sewing scraps!
      Thanks for the comment.


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