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Sewing Project: A Quilt for My Son

Sewing project: Quilt for a teenage boy

I’m almost done with a sewing project I started over a year ago.  The project is a quilt for my son’s bed.  He knows about it so you don’t have to worry about whispering.

Sewing project: Quilt for a teenage boy

The hardest part about this project was definitely picking out the fabric.  Getting a teenage-boy to the fabric store is one thing.  Getting him to look at fabric is another. I made a preliminary trip and picked some fabrics I thought he would like and that worked with his room.  Once that was done, I dragged drove him to the store and we hashed it out.

My goal was to make some decisions, buy the fabric, and leave.  His goal was to get to the “man-room” and watch whatever sporting event was on the television.  The fabric store I go to has a room where (practically) all of the males hang out and it has cable tv.  Smart move, fabric store.

Sewing project: Quilt for a teenage boy

I’m not really a quilter so don’t look too closely at those almost 1/4” seams.  I much prefer the 1/2” seams!  And yes, gingham fabric is in the quilt.  What did you expect?

Do you like quilting? Which do you prefer 1/4″ seams or 1/2″ seams?

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