My Best Barter Exchange To Date

Funeral No Parking sign
A sad little sign from that I pulled from a dumpster.

See this little, sad, pathetic sign?  I found this in a dumpster and reluctantly brought it home.  The truth is, I had no idea how I would re-purpose it.  As it turns out, this sign proved to be very valuable.

The short version of this story…

My neighbor, Bruce, completely coveted this sign.  He saw it in our other neighbors’ yard (that is part of the long story) and told me how much he loved the sign.  He’s crazy like that.

I hid the sign.  Completely tucked it away.  Bruce asked me about it several times and he buckled after several months.  Bruce offered me not 1 but 2 nights at his fabulous beach house in exchange for this sign! We did have to pay for the cleaning person but after a relaxing weekend, that was money well spent.

When it comes to saving money, bartering is a great option.  No money is exchanged and everyone wins.

Do you like to barter and trade? What’s your best trade to date?

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