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Go Ducks!

Colored sugar for frosting

The University of Oregon Ducks are playing in the BCS game on Monday and I’m totally getting into the spirit of it!  The game is only being shown on “regular network TV” so we are out of luck at our house. Our good friends invited us to watch the game at their home.

Colored sugar cookies
Start with white sugar – this is from Ikea.

I’m bringing cookies, sprinkled with colored sugar.  No luck finding a football shaped cookie cutter so it may just be me cutting the cookie batter with a butter knife.  Free-lance-style!  The sugar is from Ikea and very large.

How to make colored sugar
Not yellow snow but close!

I know this looks a little bit like yellow snow but it is food coloring.  Just a few drops and stir with a spoon.

Colored sugar for cookies

Yellow and green colored sugar – festive, easy and Go Ducks!

Do you like to make colored frosting? What are your cookie tips?

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2 thoughts on “Go Ducks!

  1. Hi Sara,
    I love all of this! I had to share that I’ve made football shaped cookies before and (although I’m sure the freehand ones were lovely- GO Ducks!), there’s an easy way to make a football shaped cookie cutter. All you have to do is use a soup can — take off both ends and press one side until the circular opening turns oval shaped. Then pinch into a football shape. Works great & super easy!
    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!


    1. Of course! Great idea! I ended up just doing round sugar cookies that I smushed (not really sure if this is a word but you get the idea) down with a drinking glass. I dunked the glass in water first so it didn’t stick to the dough. They would’ve been cuter as footballs BUT guess what? They all got eaten. Thanks for the comment and tip, Miriam.


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