Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior –

This article caught my eye.  It seems to have caused quite a stir.  I agree with some points (piano lessons, limited screen time) and not so much with others (does it really help to call a kid fatty?).  It’s interesting, if you haven’t read it.

I would like to implement the no sleep-over thing.  When do we get to end those?

What are your thoughts on this on this article?

3 thoughts on “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

  1. I had Chinese parents and see some of the behavior listed in the article. It sounds good — the parents bringing out the best in their kids because of a profound belief in the child’s abilities and having the strength and tenacity to bring it out despite the child’s protests. However, it’s too much! Perhaps I’ve bought into the Western philosophy, but even as a child, the pressure to perform (and, yes, it was indeed a terrible thing to bring home a B) is bought at too high a cost — I still remember some very miserable times feeling like a failure. Perhaps we can pick and choose some from each style, Chinese and Western, but I would never subject a child to the kind of pressure I received.


  2. Sounds like a high price to pay — no play dates, 2-3 hours of piano/violin, not being allowed to perform in a school drama performance?! There are benefits in many extra-curricular activities, not just those portrayed in this article. Can’t children learn discipline from sports? And why are piano and violin the only acceptable instruments? Brain function increases with the playing of the saxophone, trumpet, cello, drums, guitar (etc.) as well, so why not encourage the playing of ANY instrument? Our children believe that Karl and I have extremely high (unrealistic?) expectations for them; I will show them this article so they can see a different point of view! Nope, not buying into the theory that Chinese mothers are superior….


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