Exercise at Home and Skip the Gym

The Home Gym
My workout equipment plus the park for running and walking.

During the month of January, gym memberships increase like crazy.  Everyone has the best intentions at the start of the year with exercising and eating well.  Sometimes just getting to the gym can be a barrier to working out.  I say, exercise at home and skip the gym.  You’ll save money, time, and resources by not having to drive somewhere.  You’ll increase the likelihood of squeezing in a workout into your busy day.  The fresh air and exercise will do wonders for your mental well being.  Grab your shoes and get going!

Exercise at home and skip the gym

  • Work out first thing in the morning.  Just haul yourself out of bed and get it done.  No excuses.
  • Find a friend or neighbor or two to go with you.  Just knowing someone is relying on you to meet them for a workout can help get you out of bed.
  • Be consistent.  Just go.  Make the decision not to skip because of weather or other obligations.
  • Find a park near you and map out some loops or trails to follow.
  • Have fun!  Try to do workouts you enjoy and have a good time at it and you’ll do it more often.

The Home Gym

This is my “home gym” and begins with running shoes.

The Home Gym - hula hoopA hula hoop, adult sized.  Excellent for the core.

The Home Gym - walking polesWalking poles, which are really re-purposed ski poles.  Burn more calories by walking with poles.

The Home Gym - hand weights     Two types of 1 pound hand weights.  One for triceps, one for using while hula hooping.

The Home Gym - hand weightsOne pair of ten pound hand weights.  Good for biceps.

The Home Gym - yoga matA yoga mat for the dreaded sit-ups.  Sometimes it’s used for yoga.

The best part of my workout?  Definitely, when it’s done.  That, and being able to eat mostly whatever I’d like! {Want to eat healthier?  Follow these guidelines}

What is your workout routine?  What are your “tricks” to  working out regularly?  Are you consistent or do you ever skip?


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3 thoughts on “Exercise at Home and Skip the Gym

  1. I like the home gym. Also, an option to add to the mix is a dog. They are like your silent personal trainer making you get outside and walk them.


    1. You’re right about the dog! Chickens can only wake you up in the morning. You should add hula hooping to your mix, Mary. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hey Sara! Great blog and message. My friend Kathy Z just clued me in.

    And I totally agree with skipping the gym. As a personal trainer I educate folks on all kinds of ways to use the outdoors and home fitness toys as their gym alternative. We get better results too. Oh, and if you ever want to learn how to make and decorate your own hula hoop, I teach Craft a New Body classes too Thanks for the encouragement!


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