Field Trip Fun in SE Portland

Bins-Field-Trip If you missed the field trip on Wednesday to “The Bins” as I like to call them, I’m sorry.  We had a good time and the Goodwill Outlet Store in SE Portland wasn’t too busy.

The best news?  I came home with two new cotton sweaters – one is a practically brand new Ralph Lauren sweater – and a large mat for a framing project I’m working on.  Total cost was $2.67 for all three items.  Also, I dropped off twelve items to donate at Goodwill.  Net is win-win.  I got rid of more than I brought home. That kind of math is good!

Another stop I made was to Far West Fibers. All of my non-curbside recycling got dropped off there.  It is located very close to “The Bins” and on my way home.

Another field trip will get scheduled soon.  Hopefully, you can make it.  Or not.  I like getting all of the cute, cotton sweaters for myself!

Miss the original post with your invite?  You’ll find it here.

What’s your favorite item that you’ve purchased second-hand?

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