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Sew a Slipover for a Wine Bottle

Slipcover for a wine bottle - Go Gingham style!
This Ralph Lauren dress shirt sleeve was still nice but the elbow had worn through.

We have some friends who like to tease me about my love of sewing little “cozies” for everything.  Maybe I have been known to sew a slip-cover or two for uncommon items around our house but, I love to sew.  I also love to use all of my sewing scraps and leftover fabrics.  This sleeve came from one of my husband’s old Ralph Lauren dress shirts.  An elbow had finally worn through (yes, after 20 years, it happens!) and I had cut the sleeves off to turn it into a paint shirt.  The result?  I was left with two very nice little sleeves. While grabbing a ribbon for a wine bottle on our way to our friend’s house, I spied the sleeves…Aha!

How to sew a wine slipcover from a sleeve

I used very sharp, sewing scissors to make a straight cut, pressed the bottom with my iron to make a turned up 1/2” hem, and sewed it into place.  It took longer for my iron to warm up than it did for me to sew the seam but sewers must press their seams – before and after stitching.

My wine cozy got quite a laugh!  And really, if you can’t poke a little fun at yourself and your issues, what fun is that?

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  1. Hi Sara,
    I was not online much latelely and looked today again at your side after a few weeks – and as always: I love your ideas, spirit and way of living!! and of course your blog!

    Best greetings to you and your lovely family from Santiago/Chile,


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