Learn to Shop at Goodwill Outlet Store

Bins-Field-TripOne of the best ways to save money at home is by purchasing used items, instead of new.  If you’d like to learn to shop at one of my favorite used clothing, furniture, and book stores, come join me for a field trip adventure!  Read on for details and see what I love to purchase used and I’ll only purchase new.

Hope to see you there! Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 from 10am – 11am

Have you wanted to learn to shop at the Goodwill Outlet Store but needed someone to show you the ropes? Here’s your chance to learn my secrets! Meet at “The Bins” at 10am, near the front door. I’ll be wearing an orange jacket, my hair will be in a pony tail, and I’ll be waiting for you.

It’s more fun with a friend – bring one!

Here’s what I don’t buy used:

  1. unmentionables (underwear)
  2. socks
  3. running shoes
  4. bicycle helmets
  5. holiday string lights (I’ve been burned on this too many times.  You can’t tell if these work at the store and mostly, they don’t.  BUT, I have taken lanterns from one and used them elsewhere and that works!).

Here’s what I love to buy used:

  1. wool blankets (or any other fabric) that I can cut, sew, staple gun, grommet or turn into something else.
  2. books (yes, I guess it’s considered “old school” but until e-readers smell like books…).
  3. cashmere anything (preferably without holes).  Again, see #1.
  4. frames for artwork on walls or a snapshot.
  5. dishes, vases, bags, baskets – all that can be cleaned up, spruced up, or sewn to turn into a gift.

Details:  Goodwill Outlet Store, 1740 SE Ochoco, Milwaukie, OR  97222

Will you be joining me at “The Bins” for this fun trip???

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