Store Security Tag Still Attached to Coat

This question comes from my dear friend, Darcy.  Darcy loves it when I call her from an estate sale or garage sale and say, “Get over here, fast!” – she comes running!  She’s one of my regular partners in crime when I head to “The Bins” for some shopping fun.  Our field trips to the “The Bins” always include a stop by Far West Fibers, which is on the way.

Darcy writes, “A couple of years I ago I purchased one of the kids a multi-layered coat with multiple pieces that zip in and out. Well, my son promptly took out the inner layer and wore only the shell.  Fast forward to today; the jacket no longer fits and I am rounding up all of the pieces to launder and hand down. Problem: the inner layer still has the anti-theft device on it.  How do I get it off without damaging the jacket and without having to take the jacket to a store to have the anti-theft device removed?  Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom!!”

First off, I love that you are passing this jacket along.  Kids don’t normally wear their clothes out – they simply out grow them so great job sharing the used clothing love!  Honestly, I’d just go back to the store and explain the situation.  Most stores have the same security devices so you can most likely take it to whichever store is closest to you.  You could try to remove it yourself if you had a bolt cutter (no, I don’t have one but my neighbor does.  It’s always good to know what tools your neighbors have.  Why buy new tools when you can borrow?) and I wouldn’t try a hack saw because they would probably damage the garment.

Thanks for the question, Darcy!

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