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Turn Artwork Into Wall Decor

Turn Artwork Into Wall DecorWhen you have bare walls that need decorating in your home, do you automatically think how expensive it will be to adorn your walls with artwork?  It can be expensive, unless you use your children’s (or perhaps your own) creations, displayed in used frames.  The best part of this display?  None of my frames match and your frames don’t need to either.  This eclectic look really adds to the charm of this art gallery.  Vincent Van Gogh would be proud!

Hanging Picture Tips for Wall Decor

  • Organize frames on floor before you get out your hammer and nails.  See how frames might look next to each other and re-arrange on the floor, before you put holes in your walls.
  • Think about symmetry.  I like frames arranged in groups.  The pictures here are all in groups of three – three down the left side, three down the right side, and three across the top/middle.
  • Try to have equal spacing on your wall between your pictures.  The wall space that shows should be consistent.  This helps create a cohesive look.
  • Try to pair paintings or drawings with a frame that complements the artwork.  Look at the colors in the artwork to see if it might look nice with the frame and mat.
  • Create a statement on your wall or around a piece of furniture, like a hall tree.

Turn Artwork Into Wall DecorThree pictures across the top of the hall tree.

Turn Artwork Into Wall DecorThree pictures down the left side of the hall tree.

Turn Artwork Into Wall DecorThree pictures along the right side of the hall tree.

Used frames can be found and collected for very little cost.  Used frames can be easily found at second hand stores, garage sales, and estate sales.  I’ve only spent about $1-$2 per frame on this display.  There is usually a box of frames at garage sales, some without may be without glass.  And, don’t overlook the basement of estate sales!  That’s where I usually have the most success.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a nicely decorated home. With a little patience and perhaps a trip to the hardware store, you’ll have an art gallery in your own home.  You can do this!  Go Gingham!

Turn Artwork Into Wall Decor

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2 thoughts on “Turn Artwork Into Wall Decor

  1. I’ve been holding it in, but I just cannot do it any longer…I adore your hall tree!

    And I love using kids’ art in frames…so cute 🙂


    1. Thanks, Karen! I love the hall tree, too. It was my home growing up and now doesn’t fit in the smaller place. It can get pretty covered in “stuff” though – coats, bags, tennis rackets, etc. You know….


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