Understand the Financial Crisis by Viewing

Money&BudgetingAs a fitting end to financial literacy month let’s try to educate ourselves about, not just our own financial situation but, that of the country, and in the process maybe we’ll learn a little about ourselves.

The enormity and scope of the financial crisis is so all encompassing and affected so many people that it’s almost too much to try to understand.  Sure, we could spend months poring over all of the well researched, well written books and spend additional months parsing the particular individual arguments and viewpoints.  But, why go through all the trouble and mental hardship of reading when you can just watch a video?  Sure, you probably won’t get all the details and nuances but here is your chance to get your head around the mind numbing complexity of the financial crisis without really doing much.  Well, make some popcorn and call it date night.

What to watch? Check these out:

What have you watched lately that has made you think twice about finances?

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