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Do It Yourself Project: Framing Artwork

DIY Project: Framing ArtworkI’m always on the lookout for wooden frames.  Wooden frames, with or without the glass in them, are generally the least expensive item at garage sales, estate sales, and second-hand stores.  Who wants frames without glass, matting material, and artwork?  I do!  You’ll want them, too, after you see how easy it is to frame your artwork with second-hand frames, newly cut glass, and just a couple of tools.

How to Steps for Framing Artwork

DIY Project - Framing Artwork
I bought this because I needed this mat size. It was brand new.

1.  Buy used frames at garage sales, estate sales, and second-hand stores.  Having a little stockpile of these means you’ll have various sizes to choose from when you want to put together a little art gallery.  Below are frames in different sizes that I’ve picked up.  Each frame costs less than $2 each.  Many are free, too.DIY Project: Framing Artwork2.  Purchase matting material on sale or at second-hand stores.  Here’s a brand new mat I bought at the Goodwill Outlet store where items are sold by the pound.  I probably paid a quarter for this.  3.  Find a hardware store that will cut glass to your size.  My glass comes from my local hardware store, Division Hardware.  Make sure to measure the inside of the frame, where the glass will sit.  I like to bring my frame with me to test and make sure the glass fits as soon as it’s been cut. DIY Project - Framing Artwork4.  Use glass glazing points to attach glass to frame.  These can be inserted into the wood with a scraper.  Make sure glass and matting gets firmly attached to the frame.DIY Project - Framing Artwork5.  Stand back and admire your handy-work!  These pictures of are from “Homer Price” and this hangs in our kitchen.  The book was missing several pages but the pictures are wonderful!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Here are some of my projects I’m working on today.

A favorite book that has been really loved.  Don’t you want Lyle the Crocodile on your bathroom wall?DIY Project - Framing ArtworkHere’s the frame I’m using but this green isn’t quite right…I’ll keep looking.

Remember, be patient when buying things used.

DIY Project - Framing ArtworkThis picture is from a dear friend.  She’s seen our backyard chickens so she knows…

DIY Project - Framing Artworkthat our chicks can be naughty!

DIY Project - Framing ArtworkMaps, stamps, and a souvenir from our trip to Paris.  All works in progress.

DIY Project - Framing ArtworkBy picking a few frames here and there, I’ve been able to frame items around my home inexpensively.  With very little effort, time, and money you can, too.

How do you save money on framing? Do you buy frames second-hand, too?

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2 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Project: Framing Artwork

  1. Hi Sara,
    I am so excited by your post. The timing couldn’t be better as my daughter and I just went through the kids’ art box to find stuff to frame. I’m now on the lookout for frames in exactly the places you recommend.

    I completely understand all your steps. I’m especially glad to read about the glass issue as I’ve never known where to go to get that done.

    But I’m wondering about step #4. What are glass glazing points? Where would I find them? What’s that cool tool? Do I have to use one like you have? If I don’t have one what could I do instead? And what if I have oddly shaped art like big square pieces that don’t fit the common rectangular frames found second hand?

    Questions, questions, questions!!!


    1. Excellent questions, Kirsten, as usual. You’re right about the tools needed, used, cutting mats. I’ll do another post…Thank you.


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