Sew Your Own iPod Cover

Make your own iPod cover/caseWhen I see the vast assortment of plastic covers for iPods, phones, and other electronic devices, I shake my head.  Why pay money for something that can be made for very little cost and requires very little effort?  You can sew these on your regular sewing machine.  These covers and holders are made from double polished clear vinyl that I purchased at my favorite (and local)  fabric store. With 1 yard of fabric, you’ll be able to sew many covers and cord holders.  These covers are a good example of simple, functional design that will keep you organized and keep your screens scratch free.

Materials needed to make your own iPod covers

  • Double polished clear vinyl or plastic “fabric” is usually near other fabrics kept on rolls.  You could also make this with Oil Cloth fabric. This fabric is 54” wide and is thick.
  • Velcro, black.
  • Black thread.

This “fabric” doesn’t need washing or preparing prior to use.  It is cut and sewn the same as every other fabric.  I use my regular sewing scissors on this fabric.

Make your own iPod cover/caseMeasure your electronic device with the charging cord plugged in.  This way, you can have a cord plugged in while your cover is on.  Make sure you add 1” to your measurements.  This accounts for your 1/2” seam allowance.  Cut fabric twice the length of your iPod.

Make your own iPod cover/caseCut your Velcro so that it won’t interfere with you cord.  Attach Velcro with black thread.  Always match your thread to your Velcro.

Make your own iPod cover/caseSew your Velcro to the bottom of the cover.

Make your own iPod cover/caseFold fabric in half and sew sides together after Velcro is sewn on.  You can always trim the sides once you’ve sewn the cover.  Since the “fabric” won’t ravel, I like to trim very carefully along the seams.

Make your own iPod cover/caseYou can make these for any size iPod.

Make your own iPod cover/case

Make your own iPod cover/caseOr for your cords.  This used to be a tangled mess of cords!  This is what I bring when we travel.

Make your own iPod cover/caseReally, do you want to untangle these any longer?  Save time and eliminate the de-tangling!  These covers are easy and can be sewn with any basic sewing machine.  No special needle needed.  You can do this!  Go Gingham!

NOTES:  On the very shiny iPod touch, I make sure the scratchy side of the Velcro is on the back side before I slide it into the case.  I’m not sure if it would scratch the screen or not but just to be sure.  Also, I don’t carry a smart phone or any of these iPods around with me.  They mostly stay at home, unless we’re travelling or going on a long car trip.  To me, gadgets = clutter.

Do you sew covers or holders for your gadgets? How do you keep cords from getting tangled?

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