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Growing Vegetables in Small Spaces

Growing Vegetables in a Small SpaceWe live in the city and have very little space when it comes to gardening.  I’m always trying to find space to grow more vegetables.  I try to carve out small spots in our yard that I can grow vegetables up instead of taking up lots of ground space. [amazon_link id=”1579548563″ target=”_blank” ]The Square Foot Gardener[/amazon_link] would be very proud of me.  These green beans are a good example of growing up.  The space used to grow these was quite small, 32” x 60” but to pick them, we needed a ladder!

Growing Vegetables in a Small SpaceThat’s my husband picking beans.  He likes to dress to match the vegetables he’s picking.  Just kidding.  That’s our neighbor’s house.  This little space is separates our yards, and is in between other bushes.

We planted these rather late in the season (either late June or July) and ended up getting 9 or 10 pounds of beans, from one seed packet, out of this small space.

Growing Vegetables in a Small SpaceBelow is the entire space used, 32”x 60”.  Bamboo framing was from my neighbor and fencing came from The ReBuilding Center.  Total cost for fencing was about $3.00.  I used zip ties to attach fence to bamboo.

Growing Vegetables in a Small SpaceThis bed was recently planted again with beans, after compost was added.  I also planted a salad mixture in with the beans.  The salad mix should cover the entire space.  Next year, I’ll need to plant something else to rotate my crops.  I may try cucumbers here.  Hopefully, I won’t need the ladder for those.

What have you planted this year?  Do you have lots of vegetable growing space?

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