Chicks With Sticks

Chicks with Sticks Walking SticksI’m in a gang and we have a name.  My gang consists of several women.  We walk very early in the morning and very quickly.  We carry weapons but not the usual type of gang weapons.  We use walking sticks. Or walking poles or trekking poles or whatever you’d like to call them.

We are chicks with sticks.

We’re burning more calories and using our upper bodies while we work out.  In my not-so-scientific-research, I’ve found there to be 4 stages of walking stick awareness.

Here’s what people do:

  1. They poke fun. People laugh and make fun when you use walking poles.  Admittedly, they look a little silly, especially with the tennis balls on the ends.  Here are some examples:  “Oh, I think you forgot your skis!” or “Are you waiting for a snow-storm?”  Yes, even very early in the morning, everyone is a comic.  Don’t they realize we have weapons and we’re not afraid to use them?
  2. They realize. This is when people notice there is no “back-fat” in our crew.  You know what I’m talking about here: fat which hangs over the top of a bra strap. Walk with sticks regularly and you won’t have this problem.
  3. They question. This happens when people are interested and start to ask real questions about the sticks.  Where did you buy them?  Is it hard to get used to them?  Are they expensive?  What are the benefits?
  4. They get it. They understand we’re burning more calories, getting an upper body work-out, and we don’t care how we look, while marching around our neighborhood park.
Chicks with Sticks Walking Sticks
Yours truly with walking sticks.

More people are walking with poles today than 7-8 years ago, when I talked my morning gang into using them.  Now, I don’t like to walk anywhere without them!  I think they’ve always been popular in other countries.  In Austria and Germany, they’re everywhere.  You can even make your own walking sticks like I did (hint: they’re re-purposed ski poles) and the cost is minimal.  Reduce, re-use and, recycle while working out?  Sounds very Go Gingham to me!

How about you?  Do you use walking poles?  Do you want to?  Are you intrigued?

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  1. Okay, Sara, I had always wondered about the sticks. But now that I know about the “back fat” I’m gettin’ myself some today….I mean I’ll be makin’ myself some today! 🙂


  2. These are super easy to make and most people have old ski poles in their basement or garage. My tutorial is coming up soon….you’ll need a hack saw.


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