My Daily Indulgence: Perfume

Issey Miyake PerfumeEvery day, I indulge.  I give myself a squirt of perfume.  Every single day.  Even if I’ve run around in my work-out clothes all day (ick!), showered in the evening, and put on my pajamas, I always use perfume.  Why?  When you’re careful with money, time, and resources, you need a little daily indulgence. I love how it makes me feel:  pretty, fresh, and sexy.

One day while at “The Bins,” I found a bottle of my perfume in the glass case.  Of course I bought it, but was thinking about where it may have come from and how it may have arrived at “The Bins.”  When I got home, and put on my reading glasses so I could see the bottle, it read “For display purposes only” and realized it had most likely come from a department store.  It was the perfume sample bottle.  Can you believe my luck?

My perfume is Issey Miyake. I like whatever is at “The Bins” or whichever one my husband gives me for an anniversary gift.  Our anniversary was yesterday.  I didn’t get a bottle of perfume this year.  We gave each other new tires for our car.  Tires do not make me feel pretty, fresh, or sexy but that’s what we needed this year.  Happy anniversary to my biggest fan and favorite editor-in-chief!

Image credit: Issey Miyake

What’s your daily indulgence?  Do you like practical gifts?  Do you use perfume?

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6 thoughts on “My Daily Indulgence: Perfume

  1. Wow… this sounds like my life – last year for our 28th Anniversary we gave each other tires for our car. Not real romantic but when you are on a tight budget you do what you have to do and just be thankful that you can buy new tires. I do splurge and use a dab of perfume everyday just to make me feel pretty but I know how to make it last and cherrish every smell good drop. AJ


    1. Oh, I love it! There’s something to cherishing the little things in life. Tanks for the comment, AJ.


  2. My daily indulgence is Diet Coke. I always try to get it at the lowest price available, and stock up then. My family regularly discusses the possibility of the need to stage and intervention, but they indulge too, so…… I LOVE practical gifts. One year, for Mother’s Day, I asked for (and received) and three bin laundry sorter. It was great! I don’t wear perfume hardly ever, but I love to slather corn starch baby powder all over meself after a shower — I love the smell and it helps keep my large carcass dry throughout the day. I also really like it when I remember to put on a little vanilla body spray — the two scents coordinate very nicely and I do feel better.

    Nice post today, Sara.



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