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Goodwill Finds For Backyard Decorating

Goodwill Finds For Backyard Decorating
Image from my friend, Maria, who is very stylishly frugal.

Look at how pretty this is.  My friend, Maria, sent me these photos.  The charger plates, vases, and table runners all came from, “The Bins” and were purchased second-hand.  This is a great example of decorating with used items to create a beautiful lifestyle.  You don’t have to spend lots of money on decorating and purchase new items to achieve this look.

Maria sent me these pictures and wrote, “Doing my part not to buy new.”  I love it.

Maria and I run into each other at “The Bins” regularly.  We also end up at many of the same estate sales and garage sales.  Maria and her friend, Diane, have a business together, which is cleverly titled, “Tossed and Found” and guess where most of their finds come from?  The Bins.

Goodwill Finds For Backyard Decorating

Maria and Diane are opening a booth soon at the Monticello Antique Mall.  If you live in Portland, you can check it out.  Or, you can go to “The Bins” yourself.  You could also head over to your favorite thrift store, flea market or weekend estate sale and find some of your own lovely treasures.  Go Gingham!

How do you decorate your backyard for entertaining?  Do you have any favorite finds that you love to decorate with?

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2 thoughts on “Goodwill Finds For Backyard Decorating

  1. Fantastic, Maria and Sara! You are clearly two peas in a pod (or two bugs in a rug, as my kids might say).

    I like to use an old, distressed box that I found at the container outlet at our flower market in downtown LA, refresh it with some orchids from Trader Joe’s and keep it on our patio table. Friends think I’m some sort of flower guru because of this non-amazing feat.

    I was wondering, Sara, do you have any other places to find good flowers for reasonable prices besides Trader Joe’s and the flower market, which is a long trek for me — I usually reserve that for special occasions…

    Thanks and GO GINGHAM!


    1. Hi Wendy! I’m not usually one for store bought flowers and I don’t have a source for you down that way. I do like potted plants in displays and that is generally my trick. Pots of herbs are pretty in arrangements and you can cook with them. I also like to plant (from seeds) simple flowers like marigolds and sunflowers that are sure to germinate and are easily replanted. Your kids would love to help with that, too, I’m sure. My kids still enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow. Also, check with your neighbors when they need to divide plants in their yard. Lots of flowering plants need to be divided and you could plant a little seed (no pun intended!) to them that you are willing to take some when they need to divide. My yard is filled with flowering plants – from my neighbors’ yards that they’ve divided.

      Thanks for the comment!!


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