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Growing Vegetables from Saved Seeds

Growing Vegetables from Saved SeedsRemember the seeds I saved from our vegetable garden last year?  The seeds that I kept in these little bowls with high hopes of planting them this year and watching them grow?  Well, I’m pleased to share that growing vegetables from saved seeds is going quite nicely.  Pumpkins, squash, and arugula have all come up.

Below is the arugula which is the easiest herb to grow.  It’s delicious added to a green salad or tossed into a batch of fresh pesto when your basil hasn’t grown yet.  Added bonus?  Slugs don’t really seem to like arugula too much and our chickens don’t like to eat it either.  It germinates quickly so you’ll feel like an accomplished vegetable gardener quickly.  Arugula can also be grown in pots.  I have some mixed in with flowers in my pots.

Grow Vegetables from Saved Seeds

The pepper seeds didn’t work but I’m afraid that has more to do with the cold temperature inside our home this spring rather than the seeds themselves.  I’ll try them outside since our weather has finally warmed up.

How is your garden growing?  Any success with saving seeds in your vegetable patch?

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