Technology Free Sundays

Technology Free SundaysWelcome to my six-month or so review of Technology Free Sundays for 2011.  In January, our family made a commitment to not use technology on Sundays for our New Year’s Resolution.  Our goal was to eliminate for one day, the devices that take our attention away from being present with one another and to give us more time together.

The review so far is that we love it.  We, meaning the parents.  We are definitely big supporters. Our kids?  Our kids claim Technology Free Sundays (“TFS”) are awful, they don’t like it, and they can’t wait until Monday.  Secretly, I think they both like it but our kids are at the apex of their knowledge right now.  Being teens, they have infinitely more knowledge than their parents.

Technology Free Sundays

What does technology include?  Computers, internet, and iPods.  Nothing.  Corded, land-line telephones are acceptable.  It would also include cell phones but I’m the only person in our family with a cell phone.  The only exceptions are when over-seas relatives have asked to Skype on a Sunday or if there is a homework project that requires typing on the computer.

What have we done with all of our Technology Free Sunday time?  We’ve had more…

Technology Free Sundays

Time for reading.

Time for playing games.

Time for being creative.

Time for playing outside.

Time for family.

Time for being thankful.

Try it.  Start with one Sunday.  Let me know how it works out.

Does your family take breaks from technology?  Do you have screen time limits for your kids?  For yourself?

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  1. Go Tetreaults!! You are inspiring. I think I could possibly get this past the kids but my techy husband would have serious withdrawals. Maybe I’ll just start with me…hmmm, that’s an idea.


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