Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

I love setting a pretty table for Thanksgiving.  Several years ago, I sewed a table-cloth for our Thanksgiving table.  It was inspired by a quilt I made for my son and has a real harvest look and feel to it.  Having leftover fabric (like any good sewer would!) from the Thanksgiving table-cloth, I knew someday I’d get around to sewing mitered cloth napkins for Thanksgiving.

Prior to my current profession of being a homemaker, I worked many years for Ralph Lauren and received a clothing allowance from the company.  I have many beautiful clothing items in my closet, many of which are presently out of fashion.  One that I hope won’t come back into fashion is the dirndl skirt.  The dirndl skirt has a fitted waist band with a very gathered skirt that buttons on the left hip and has pockets.  (There is so much fabric used to make a dirndl skirt, you’d be amazed what you can re-purpose them into!)

Here’s how I turned a dirndl skirt into very pretty mitered cloth napkins for Thanksgiving…

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

These mitered cloth napkins are made following a basic pattern.  I started with squares of 22”x 22” folded them under 1/2” and then 1” all the way around.  Use a very hot iron to press all seams and a bone turner for your corners.

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

Once the mitered corner part is complete, measure and fit a square inside the seams.  Leave about 1/2” or so space all the way around.  My floral (the old skirt) fabric is about 18 1/2” x 18 1/2” square.  Cozy it under the flaps.

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

And pin it into place.

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

Now, top stitch.  Leave as many pins in place while sewing as possible.  This will keep your fabric from shifting.

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

Another press with the hot iron and you’re done.

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

Between the gathers, hems, and the very long length of the dirndl skirt, I was able to make 8 of these very pretty cloth napkins.  This turned out to be a great use of an old skirt that was never getting worn again and leftover fabric from another project.  I can’t wait to set my Thanksgiving table!

Mitered Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving

What’s in your closet that can be made into something else?

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