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Thanksgiving Table Cloth

Thanksgiving Table Cloth

Whenever I learn a new sewing technique (read “trick”) I try to implement it in other areas.  I also like to sew table-cloths or coverings for seasonal decorating that can be re-used year after year.  Quilting or piecing is a technique I learned when making a quilt for my son.  This is a simple table-cloth you can make with harvest inspired fabric for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Table Cloth (33)I started with a center piece of fabric for our long table and then added a 2” rectangular piece to outline the center part.

Thanksgiving Table ClothUsing a rotary cutter is the best way to keep your lines straight.

Thanksgiving Table Cloth

I’m not really a quilter.  Sewing quilts means using a 1/4” seam allowance which is too precise for me.  I prefer making slip covers for patterns for furniture or other items that don’t have to be so precise.  With quilting, if you make a mistake in the center of your project, as you move to the edges of your quilt, the mistakes are multiplied.  Yikes!

Thanksgiving Table Cloth

To finish the project, I added an edge to the entire perimeter of the table-cloth.  It really finishes the project.  I did not line this table-cloth and you don’t have to either.  I really like how it  sits on the top of the table and doesn’t hang below the edge of the table.

Thanksgiving Table ClothAnd, it looks very pretty with my mitered cloth napkins made from a re-purposed Ralph Lauren skirt.  I can’t wait to set my Thanksgiving table!

Do you like setting your table for Thanksgiving? What traditions do you have?

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