My Workout Routine

My Workout Routine
My workout at home equipment mostly all second-hand.

The Oregonian, the newspaper here in Portland, Oregon, asked readers to send in their winter workout strategies recently.  Mine was one of the many that was featured.  I’m no fitness expert but I do know that I feel better both mentally and physically when I stick to a regular workout routine.  My workout routine doesn’t involve going to a gym or a class.  Keeping a routine simple and easy helps me stick to it.

My Workout Routine

Sara Tetreault
Age: 45

Fitness challenge
To not get injured.  Injuries really slow me down.  The older I get, the longer it takes to bounce back.

Fitness achievement
Weighing the same weight that I did in high school.  I was going to state my fastest time in a half-marathon but staying the same weight is a bigger accomplishment.  (Full disclosure: same weight doesn’t mean exactly same body shape – let’s not forget 2 kids and gravity!)

Workout partners!  Having partners to run with and walk with means someone is relying on you to go so you can’t sleep in or skip.    My crew of walking friends uses walking poles for our upper body and to burn more calories.  We call ourselves “Chicks with Sticks.”  I don’t workout at a gym which makes it easier, too.  Keeping barriers to working out low really helps.  Running shoes on and I’m ready!

My Workout Routine
Walking sticks that are actually old ski poles.

Winter survival
I get up and go early in the morning, all year long, regardless of the weather.  (Snow or ice does sideline my program a bit but that doesn’t happen very often.) I get all of my clothing together the night before, including gloves, hat, and jacket.  Not having to scramble in the morning is key because I don’t want to make my workout partners wait.

You have to have clothing that can get wet but it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Most of my workout clothing has come from Goodwill.  My favorite running jacket came from the sale rack at Old Navy and I sewed reflective tape to the back of it.  Hang up your wet workout clothes above a laundry sink and you’ll be ready to go again.

My Workout Routine
Workout clothing that’s not fancy but can be hung to dry over a sink when it’s wet.

Health Mistake
During college I had a roommate who worked for Haagen Dazs. Yikes -calories galore!

What’s your workout routine? Have any new exercising goals for the New Year?

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4 thoughts on “My Workout Routine

  1. Sara, What is your routine? Other than “get up and go early in the morning”? Can you describe in a bit more detail how often you use the tools pictured? How long your routine takes each day? etc…


    1. Hi Jaymalea, I run 2 mornings a week and walk with my “chicks with sticks” walking group 1 morning a week. I also hula hoop and do sit-ups on those days, sometimes using the hand weights while hooping. I use the other weights not as regularly but should! For running, I stay on flat surfaces because my knee doesn’t like hills. On other days, I go for a short walk daily for some fresh air. Hope that helps!


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