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Cloth Napkin Love

Cloth Napkin Love
Cloth napkins don’t have to match: these colors all look nice together.

Oh, how I love cloth napkins.  Double layer, cloth napkins made with cotton fabric, thank you very much.  I’m sure you’re wondering why the double layer.  Well, they absorb what you’re wiping up (or is it wiping off?) much better than single layer napkins.  Cotton fabric, because it’s so much more absorbent than polyester.  Yes, cotton shows the stains more but stained napkins are kind of like nicks in the dining room table – a sign that meals were shared and good times were had at our house.  Double layer fabric also lasts longer.  These are super easy and a good way to use leftover fabric.

Cloth Napkin Love

How to make cloth napkins:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric, 16” x 16” square (make sure to wash and dry your fabric first before cutting)
  2. Pin squares, right sides together, lining up corners
  3. Sew all four sides with right sides together with 1/2” seams (make sure you leave a little space for turning them right-side out)
  4. Turn right side out and press flat with a very hot iron (tuck in spot where you turned the napkin and pin if necessary)
  5. Top stitch all the around, including the opening where the napkin was turned right side out.

I also love how these don’t match.  And, let’s take a tour around the corner – nice and well-worn.  My daughter sewed the beige and tan striped napkins herself.  When she sets the table she always points this out to us.

Cloth Napkin Love

Most of these were sewn many years ago and they’re still going strong.  Cloth napkins are easy to sew and make sweet wedding or anniversary gifts.  When I give them as a gift, I roll them up and tie a ribbon around them with a fancy bow.  Cloth napkins are a pretty gift just on their own so you don’t really have to gift wrap them.  That’s what I tell myself anyway.  If you give some for a gift, you can do the same thing.  Roll and ribbon – done!

These are all nicely pressed but I don’t usually iron our every-day-cloth-napkins.  One of my kids is working off a debt by ironing.  It’s a good way to pay a debt and to learn how to iron.

Do you use cloth napkins?  What’s your favorite fabric for cloth napkins?

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2 thoughts on “Cloth Napkin Love

  1. We only use cloth napkins – have ever since we were married, and people are always so amazed. They can’t imagine how we can live without paper towels!

    Another easy way to make cloth napkins is with a rolled hem serger. I love making them for gifts. Most people think they’re quite a fancy thing. We had them fooled until this post came out!


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