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Super Bowl Sunday Love

Super Bowl Sunday LoveThis is not about football, even though it is about Super Bowl Sunday.  I love Super Bowl Sunday because I love my dining room rug.  If you’re wondering how these could possibly be related, they are.  The bidding on my dining room rug, which I purchased used from eBay, ended on Super Bowl Sunday.  If you’ve ever bought anything from eBay, you know there’s usually a frenzy of bidding that goes on right before an item sells.  Well, if you’re buying a 9’ x 12’ wool rug on Super Bowl Sunday, you will find there’s not much bidding craziness going on at the end.

Super Bowl Sunday Love conclusions

  • Super Bowl Sunday = good time to buy wool rugs on eBay.  Yes, I paid more for shipping than I did on the rug.  No, I did not have it cleaned before I rolled it out and put my dining room table on it.  Yes, my neighbor who never, ever wears shoes carried it inside for me but that’s another story….
  • Patterned rugs hide all sorts of crumbs.  No joking.  Unless you’re down on your hands and knees looking for that little vitamin D capsule you dropped during dinner, you’ll never know how many crumbs are on that rug.  Hold on to those vitamins is my advice!
  • Don’t be afraid to buy used rugs.  The rug in our entry way is used also (from “The Bins”) and I did have that cleaned, professionally.  It needed cleaning.  Yes, the cleaning cost more than the rug.

Super Bowl Sunday Love

No, I’m not shopping for rugs on eBay today.  I’m watching the big game…who’s playing again?

What are you doing this Super Bowl Sunday?  Are you an eBay shopper?

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4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday Love

  1. Thanks for reminding me to check my Ebay bid. Fortunately the shirt auction I am currently bidding on ends in 7 hours (after the Super Bowl, but hopefully it still keeps me from being outbid). I have also shopped area rugs on Ebay, and will remember your Super Bowl tip!
    (Love the comment about the Vitamin D capsule…)


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