Abraham Lincoln Love

Abraham Lincoln Love

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln, we sure do love you.  Around here we celebrate Lincoln’s birthday with a cake or special cookies. And for some strange reason the kids have created the February 12th tradition of my husband (who is absolutely NOT a dunker) having to dunk a cookie in milk.  Whether you know only the iconified (I just made that word up) version of Lincoln or the more nuanced, real person version, there is just something calming about his likeness, whether in a picture or on a bookend.  We even have a room named after him – “The Lincoln Bedroom” – which really isn’t a bedroom.

Abraham Lincoln Love

It’s really more of an office.  But, since this office has a bed, which helps when bloggers get sleepy and need a little nap, we call it “The Lincoln Bedroom.”

Abraham Lincoln Love

It’s quite cozy and yet very presidential, don’t you think?  The furniture in this room is all second-hand, too, and all 3 of the chairs were free.

Do you name any of your rooms?  Have a favorite president or person at your house?

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One thought on “Abraham Lincoln Love

  1. Impressive! We do not have any presidentially named rooms, but we do name our rooms…very simply. The piano room, the sun room, the movie room ; ) i like the idea of having a room named after a person!


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