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Love the Library

Love the LibraryThe library is a love of mine because it’s our major source of entertainment.  I love everything about it!  I love the reserve system.  I love that I can  save my searches and then go back to them later.  I love how I can sign up for e-mail alerts for items I’ve searched for in the past or their RSS feeds.  I especially love how I can freeze items on my reserve list if I’m going out of town or if I’m behind on my reading materials.  I love when it’s my “Lucky Day” and I find a book that’s brand new and can be taken home without going through the reserve system.  Why else do I love my library?  They have…

Yes, books that you turn the page and read, that have a book smell to them.  Craft books, cook books, travel books, history books, DIY books, financial books – the library has them all.  You can even get the RSS feeds for what the library is processing to keep on top of what’s coming in.  Our library system also has lots of e-books or books on CDs if you’re inclined to listen as well.  They have reading lists, too, to help with ideas for you or your kids.

Love the Library

Yes, you have to wait a bit in the on-line list to see a current movie (the RSS feed works here as well) but it’s something to look forward to.  We watch TV shows from the library, too.  Sometimes it takes me the entire three weeks that I have an item checked out to watch an entire season of a TV show.

Sheet music
Yes, sheet music.  While I find it difficult to search for particular music on-line (mostly because I forget what I’m supposed to be searching for!), I’ve had lots of success finding “just for fun” or “good for sight-reading practice” piano music at the library.  Our downtown (Portland,OR) branch is the best place to see them all in person and there’s music for every level and every instrument.

Video games
Video games are worth mentioning here.  We’re a Wii-free house (or any other electronic games that attach to a TV) and the library has lots of computer video games to choose from.  My kids don’t want this fact made known as they generally like to monopolize their favorite games from the library.  The games do keep renewing so my guess is this is not a widely known fact.

Love the Library

Classes, authors, and storytime
Our library system offers free classes that cover a wide range of interests.  You can learn to knit, learn infant sign language, hear pirate bands, meet authors, and listen during storytime.  They even let bloggers teach classes and I’ll be teaching a class at the library soon.  Details can be found here.  If you’d like me to teach a class to your group or organization, please contact me here.

My branch has the best librarians – they’re helpful, kind, and are always willing to chat about books.  I especially like it when they tell me they’ve been reading my blog!  Got a question?  Ask a librarian.

My summer reading list from last year had great suggestions from readers.
Keeping track of all those library books helps with the library book return basket.
Are you a WordPress user?  Here are some excellent resource books that are all from our library.

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Do you share my love of the library?

7 thoughts on “Love the Library

  1. My family certainly shares your love of the library – for almost all the same reasons you list. Forget Netflix, we’ve got a library!
    It has been easier since they implemented the online reservation system several years ago. Our library has a limit on the number of items you can reserve (13 I think?), so I monopolize every family member’s account and fill them up.
    I can also print a history of the books my child has read during a given time period. They are responsive when I make suggestions for them to buy books and movies they don’t already have. And our library has free passes to museums which you can “check out” and use!


    1. Liana, I agree on the maxed out reserve limit. I tried to get library cards for our chickens 🙂 We have a 15 item reserve limit so with 4 people that’s quite a few but I’d love more!!


  2. Hi Sara,

    Oh yes! We love the library too. We take out books every week and videos as well. Also, we check out lots of books on tape. And although we just have a very small community library in our small town, the librarian is so gracious to always put through inter-library loans for us. She is such a doll.

    Have a great day.



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