Frugal Living is the Key to Saving

Frugal Living is the Key to SavingWhen talk turns to  investing money, there’s only one way to make it possible: by saving money.  You have to have saved money to be able to invest it.  The only way to save money to have it for investing is by spending less than you earn.  Living frugally is the way to get there, to arrive at money saved.  Frugal living is the key to saving money.

So what does frugal living look like?  Slowing down, deciding to make do with less, fixing rather than re-buying, living below your means rather than beyond them, and enjoying more time for yourself, and more time with friends and family.  Not having the latest gadgets, technology or fashions, so you can enjoy life more.  Getting back to cooking, mending, gardening, reading, and quality living rather than working to pay for your spending habits.

Frugal Living is the Key to Saving

Most importantly, frugal living is about choices.  Living frugally allows you to live richly in ways that you choose.  Living frugally is not a bad thing it’s really just a plan that you’ve put in place to live your life the way that you want to.  You can save more now to have choices later.  You can chart your own path.  This is the beauty of frugal living: choices.

Living frugally isn’t always easy and it takes self-discipline. It’s always easier to buy something new, receive immediate gratification, and pay for it later.  It takes self-discipline to be patient, to wait, to fix or mend, to think about your purchases, to try and buy second-hand, used, or free, and to save for a future goal.  Those challenges are part of what can make frugality fun.  I believe frugality can be lovely, simple, and beautiful.

Frugal Living is the Key to Saving

In case you need more convincing, living frugally is sustainable for your wallet and the environment.  We can all benefit from that.

As you can tell, I’m passionate about frugal living.  I also love speaking in front of large groups of people especially if there’s a microphone involved.  If you’d like me to speak to your group or organization about frugal living, please contact me here.

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This post is a part of Women’s Money Week 2012. For more posts about “Saving and Investing” see Women’s Money Week 2012.

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  2. This post really seems to sum up your vision, Sara! And I love it! You make “frugal living” sound like a joy rather than a burden. I love hearing about all the ways that you happily incorporate this philosophy into your daily life. Thanks for all of the invaluable information!


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