Hello Handbag

Esate sale handbagHello handbag.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.  Last summer to be exact.  You’re so stylishly frugal and in season now, you get to come out of the closet where you’ve been hiding during fall and winter.  I wish you could stay out year round but alas, you are a spring and summer accessory only.  You’re an estate sale find that I nearly overlooked.  I’m sorry about that.  It’s just that you were covered in dust and dirt and looking so desperate.  Your hard plastic lining was torn and ugly.  But look at you now.

Hello Handbag

Esate sale handbag

You started out as an estate sale reject and now you’re a coveted item.

Re-done handbag

Women eye you and tell me they have “handbag envy” when they spy you.

Esate sale handbag

I have to keep a tight grasp on you.

Esate sale handbag

You’re not the most practical of purses but you are lovely.

Esate sale handbag

Yes, I had to rip out your insides and replace them with this adorable bikini fabric.

Esate sale handbag

And, I had to add the little strap to latch my keys onto you.

UpCycled purse

The pocket put you over-the-top but what can I say?  I was only following the original lining you came with.

Repurposed purse

Hello handbag.  You were worth the $2 I spent on you at the estate sale.  Let’s go out together today.

Esate sale handbag

Do you have a favorite second-hand item?  What is it?

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7 thoughts on “Hello Handbag

  1. It is pretty tough to pick just one favorite second hand item. Especially considering I have to stop and think really hard to even figure out what I own that isn’t second hand.

    So aside from small things I’ve inherited from beloved family member (which is really where the most value comes from) I have narrowed it down a bit.

    My thrift store 50’s Japanese ceramic mugs and 60’s small smoky stemware. They make the simple act of having coffee in the morning or a glass of wine on a hot summer day special as I enjoy the weight of the ceramic or the thick stem of the glass in my hand, their attractive shape, and the color of the glaze or glass.

    As far as clothing is concerned, my reddish brown blazer with a checkerboard weave accent on the front. It fit perfectly without alteration, was a really unique piece, and I can’t help it, my favorite color is brown.


  2. Indigo, these are great! It seems that inherited and thrift items always have a wonderful story to go along with them. Thank you so much for sharing these.


  3. Like Indigo, I’d be hard-pressed to choose just one. I’ll just give you my most recent favorite, which I blogged about today: A braided wool rug that I almost passed by. (You can see pics on the blog if you’d like.) If we’re going clothing, I’d choose my grass-green corduroy jacket. Or maybe my caramel-colored suede one. Or my Doc Marten’s Mary Jane’s with an embroidered detail on the strap. OK, I really can’t choose just one… 🙂


    1. These sound great, Rita! I’ll go check out your rug. I have a favorite suede jacket, too, that I picked up at “The Bins” where we’ll have a field trip visit to one of these days! And, the fabric is from none other than Fabric Depot. It was so cute I had to use it on something!


  4. I love that purse! Adorable. My entire dining room came from Craigslist, but my absolute favorite second hand item is a $1 scrolly/decorative wreath hanger that I got at a garage sale. I had never seen one like it and, in fact, had to ask if it was actually a wreath hanger. It’s been on my front door ever since and I see it every time I come home. 🙂


    1. Thanks Julie! Your story about the wreath hanger is great! That’s usually what happens – the found treasure becomes the favorite. I’m sure it’s a good reminder that second-hand is the way to go!


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