Coat Closet Woes

Hall Tree EntrywayWe don’t have a closet in our entryway.  I wish we did but old houses can be that way.  We do have a lovely hall tree which was in my parent’s house when I was growing up.  Due to moving and downsizing, it’s now in our entryway.  We used to hang our coats and jackets on it but it got to be so messy, we now save it for guests.  Or the occasional damp gloves or scarf.  I do like our entryway to be orderly when entering or leaving our home.  I don’t like to be greeted with chaos!  Where do we hang all of our coats?

Coat Closet Woes

Coat Closet Woes

We added hooks in our kitchen, next to our backdoor and the door to our basement.  It was a blank wall and now is where all the coats, sweatshirts, and jackets hang that used to be on the hall tree or piled on a chair in the entryway.

Hooks on wood

Paint the wood, first, then add the hooks.  Then attach the wood to the wall.  Shorter hooks are good for kids, too.

Hooks for hanging coats

It also helps to store off season coats elsewhere.  In the summer, our winter jackets and rain coats are stowed away in our office closet.  Not having a large closet also forces me to donate coats and jackets that no longer fit or don’t get worn.  That’s a benefit to not having an entry way closet.

Coat closet alternative

The coats don’t hang themselves up but I sure wish they did!

Do you have a coat closet in your entry way?  What’s your method for maintaining order upon entering your home?

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3 thoughts on “Coat Closet Woes

  1. We have a closet, but mostly use it to store off season stuff (my husband seems to have more coats than most women have purses and shoes). So we do the same as you – we have a nicely painted strip with hooks attached for the kids’ bookbags, piano bags and coats, and a hall tree for guest coats. Our hall tree isnt as pretty as yours, but there is a bonus bench seat in it that hides mittens and hats.


    1. Ah yes, the hiding spot! Heidi, that’s my post for tomorrow 🙂 how hiding spots are my friend. It’s so helpful having a place to put things near the door and having family “trained” to put things away when coming or going. And, we have a spot for piano bags, too.


  2. Good solution to the “coat problem” we all have! I have the same issues and store off-season coats in the basement. It is so hard when it is between seasons, but I am glad when there is less “stuff” by the back door.


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